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Getting Focused On Your Marketing In 2022

by | Jan 24, 2022

I’ve just finished reading Jimmy Carr’s new book, Before & Laughter. Divisive but successful, he shares some real pearls of wisdom. A lot of it is about the importance of working hard.

Some people, however, want business to be like The Secret. Have you read or watched that? It’s about the Law of Attraction and how things will come to you if you wish for them hard enough.

(Jimmy Carr says it should be called The Bullsh*t.)

Whether you believe in that stuff or not, you’ve still got to put the hours in. The harder you work, the luckier you get.

But you’ve got to work FOCUSED too…

Out of all the business owners Joel and I have spoken to about lead generation, a common theme is that hard work and focused work are not the same.

We all work hard, right?

But when was the last time you worked uninterrupted? No phone, no email, no staff members asking you things they could have googled? Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, so is it treated with the necessary respect if it takes you 23 minutes to re-focus after an interruption?

[source: University of California]

If there’s one thing Codebreak is going to be talking to clients about in 2022, it is FOCUS.

When Usain Bolt was on the starting line in the Olympic 100m final, he wasn’t looking left and right and thinking, “Blo*dy hell, these blokes look quick.”

He was focused on the finish line and the finish line alone. He knew he’d put in the work to get him there the fastest.

For your marketing to work the best for you, to generate leads from the people most likely to buy off you, your strategy is clear and broken down into actionable game plans that receive dedicated attention.

Yet some businesses haven’t got a strategy.

Some businesses have Bob from Accounts doing their marketing, in between his spreadsheet fun.

So if you know a small business owner who needs more focus on their marketing in 2022, please send them our way.

As ever, there’s a £250 Amazon voucher in it for you if they come onboard.

We can design and oversee a strategy for them or we can do the heavy lifting for them if time is an issue.

Joel and I will give them that focus, so they increase their number of opportunities to sell.

On behalf of the Codebreak Crew, I hope 2022 brings you a sh*t-load of peace, happiness and success.

Until next time, stay hungry.

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