The Three Things You Must Know Before You Jump into Digital Advertising

by | Mar 19, 2021

 If you’re like most business owners you’ll know you need to be capitalising on digital advertising. Every marketer, YouTube advert and business coach you bump in to will be telling you so. And to compound that, the social media platforms themselves are making out its easy.

So why is it, when you launch your ads nothing happens but a big dent in your wallet? And worst still, how come your competitors seem to be getting loads of attention?

There are three things you need to know before you can go anywhere near ads and all those people pushing you to do otherwise are wrong. There, I’ve said it. They’re wrong.

Don’t be pushed in to doing something you don’t fully understand without having the facts you need to hand to make an informed choice.

The three things you MUST know before you start any digital advertising campaign…

1 – What’s the potential customer worth to you?

 If you don’t know this key piece of information, how on Earth will you know what you’re willing to spend to acquire them. Your advertising budget is nothing to do with how well you did last month, or last year and all about how well you want to do moving forward. 

At Codebreak we have a formula for calculating this. It’s a whole step in our book, Stay Hungry. 

Know your numbers! Once you know what a customer is worth, you can make informed decisions in your marketing.

Trust me, advertising always costs more than you think it will. But get it right and you won’t care because it’ll be making you money.

2 – Who are you selling to?

You’re not selling to everyone. I know you’re close to your business and think more people should be interested, but trust me on this, the quickest way to burn through an advertising budget it to try and appeal to everyone. 

Nail down your niche to the people most likely to buy from you. Money spent on advertising to those people is money more likely to hook in a new customer.

3 – Stop talking about yourself.

 Nobody cares about the big list of benefits of your product or service. Don’t believe me? Go check your competitors’ adverts. Everyone is at it!

 Take a step back. What are you solving for your customer? Remember the old Shreddies advert? ‘Keeps hunger locked up til lunch’. Such a simple line, but it quickly explains the issue it solves. Your hungry kids won’t ask for snacks before lunchtime because they’ve had their Shreddies.

Think about it from the customer perspective. What are you transforming for them?

With these three things in order you can feel much more confident about your advertising.

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