Account Manager

Are you an Account Manager who’s not getting challenged or respected enough?

If you want to work for a hungry firm of direct response marketers that values results and recognition, read on….

Due to continued expansion across the UK, the hunt is on for an Account Manager to enhance our Shrewsbury crew.

Account management experience is vital but marketing experience is not.

The bulk of the work will be driving and managing clients’ organic and paid-for marketing campaigns. The content will be produced by the team but you’ll be overseeing everything.

You’ll be liaising with and reporting to clients regularly, which will be like water off a duck’s back to you. If sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with a business owner makes your collar feel tight, this position definitely won’t be for you.

Thinking on your feet is crucial for this opportunity. This may sound like common sense but you’d be surprised; if you’re asked to do X and Y, you need to work out whether there’s a Z, which could make things even better. We’re not talking “thinking outside the box” (a phrase we’re not fans of); we’re talking about using your talents to think ahead.

You’ll work closely with senior management to understand how marketing is done the Codebreak way, and become an ambassador for the brand.

Full-Time Role

£25,000 – £31,000 p.a.

Your skills need to include:

• At least three years’ account management experience

• Ruthless attention to spelling and grammar

• Ability to delegate without micromanaging

• Stellar project and time management

• Passion for meeting and helping people

• Confidence to present and talk numbers

• A willingness to read and continuously learn

What you can enjoy in return:

• Working for a no bullsh*t firm

• Clearly structured career path

• Monthly reviews and performance/progress coaching

• Employee Perks scheme, incl. healthcare plan and activity discounts

• Two hours’ worth of dedicated learning a week

• Open plan office with beer fridge and pool table

• Strict anti-suit policy…

How to apply

To apply, please use the form below to 1) tell us in 2-3 paragraphs what your favourite film is and why, and 2) attach your CV.

Closing date for applications: 31st July 2021.

Ever dream of working for an employer who values you, appreciates and respects your opinion, recognises your talents and potential in equal measure, provides you the space and resources to try, offers you opportunities to shine, supports you at every turn and yet believes the importance of providing all this to you in a positive environment? Well, that’s Codebreak.

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