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Ad Retargeting to Avoid the Worst Number in Marketing

by | May 29, 2020

It sucks, doesn’t it? Your website’s looking great, your ads are performing well and driving people to your product or service, yet no enquiries or sales. Zilch, nada, nothing.

It’s so frustrating!

There’s a reason for this though. A reason that’s so easily fixed, you’ll be making sales in no time.

And that reason is retargeting.


Retargeting, which can be done through both Facebook and Google, is getting vital for small businesses. The big boys have been doing it for ages. Basically, you’re missing a trick if lots of people are visiting your website but you’re not sure what happens to those people afterwards.

Do they buy off you? Do they make an enquiry? Or do they go off and spend their dosh with a scoundrel competitor of yours?

You don’t know. You’re Superman or Supergirl with one hand tied behind your back. And someone’s nicked your cape. So, what can you do to stay in touch with these people? Folk who were interested enough to visit your website and stay front-of-mind?

I was reminded about this, about how important retargeting is, because of a dog!


My eldest dog, Bonnie, is 15, bless her. Over 100 in human years, older even than my mother-in-law!

She’d been going off her food, so I went online looking for a premium, natural, healthy food for senior dogs. A subscription model, where the food gets sent to you every month. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I found what looked like a great company; a fantastic website, really interesting, but – and here is lesson no.1 – I didn’t buy…

… because people rarely will buy something off you after seeing you just once.

Everything looked cool on this website. I’m sure I would’ve got around to buying the dog food I wanted, but I didn’t. I went off and had a cup of coffee and worked on a Shopify ad campaign for an e-commerce client.

I was on Facebook later that day and – surprise surprise – there were quite a few ads in my feed for premium dog food. Facebook had correctly deemed that I was now interested in dog food.

The problem was… none of these ads were from the company whose website I’d been browsing earlier. I’m sure they do have Facebook Ads running but, for whatever reason, I wasn’t seeing them.

What they should have had running, for sure, was a retargeting ad.

This is an ad targeting me as a previous website visitor.


You can even drill down further. As I’d been looking at one specific type of senior dog food on the website, a retargeting ad could be about that particular product. This would naturally work better than serving me an ad about their products in general, which is what their competitors could only do.

Let’s say you sell three services – X, Y and Z. Someone visits your webpage about X. You can automatically serve them an ad on Facebook and all the other websites that Facebook partners with about X. Not Y and Z. Again, Google can do this too.

That is a solid retargeting ad. You follow them around the internet for a while reminding them about why X is so great.

It’s like if you see a pair of trainers on the internet, but don’t immediately buy them. You’ll probably notice that pair of trainers now following you around. Not just general trainers, or men’s trainers if you’re a bloke, or women’s trainers if you’re a woman… but that specific pair of trainers.

There’s lots of research that’s gone into working out how many times people need to see a type of product, on average, before purchasing it. Eight is usually the number bandied about.

So, if people visit your website once… see your leaflet once… hear your elevator pitch once… will they buy? Nope, probably not.

But if you can follow these people around – in a nice way! – specifically marketing the product or service they were interested in… winner, winner, chicken dinner.

If you’d like to talk more about how retargeting can benefit your business, book a Discovery Call with us. We’d be able to help you hit your target.

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