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These Tips Will Ensure Your Links Never Get Scrolled Past Again

by | Oct 8, 2020

I get it, I know the exact feeling. You’ve written an awesome blog, published it and then nobody reads the bloody thing.

And worse still, you’ve given away information of value. You’ve taken a leap of faith and decided that sharing your knowledge is a good move.

After all that effort it feels like it was time wasted.

Great news, following this read you won’t feel like your time is wasted anymore!

You’ll feel confident you can win those clicks. No more scanning, dismissing, scanning, dismissing from your potential readers.

Gaining that traffic depends on the headline, more than anything else. You are ruthlessly judged based on those few words (and maybe by the picture pulled through alongside).

Did you know that most people scroll past three thousand headlines a day?

They don’t. That is absolute nonsense. But it was a powerful headline, wasn’t it?

There is no point having a great blog hidden behind a crap headline.

So, here are my top tips for a great headline.

One – Be specific and promise the reader something

We’ve all been there. Skimming down Facebook or LinkedIn looking for stuff we’re interested in. Nobody clicks unless there is something in it for them.

In that moment you need to make sure the reader can clearly see the benefit your article provides. The clearer the benefit, the more likely the click. Simple, right?

Two – Impact

Use impact words… Think ‘guarantee’, ‘ensure’, ‘best’, ‘experts’, words that resonate. What would tweak your interest if you were scanning down a newsfeed?

Three – Pick the most important benefit and focus on that.

This is your dog whistle. What is the problem you’re solving? How is this going to change the reader’s life? Double down on that unique benefit and hammer it home.

Four – Convey a sense of urgency

Why should they read it? Why should they read it now? What will happen if they don’t read it now?

In this case, the title is ‘These Tips Will Ensure Your Links Never Get Scrolled Past Again’. The word ‘again’ conveys urgency. As if the problem we’re describing always happens, and it’s a nightmare.

Five – Flag the reader

‘You’ or ‘your’, talk directly to them. It’s like your pointing at them and making eye contact before you speak. If they don’t know it is for them, why would they click it?

And there you have it, five top tips to ensure your headlines never get scrolled past again.

If you’re struggling with your blog titles, let’s chat. Book a free marketing Q&A with me, I’d love to hear about what you’re looking to achieve.

Catch you again. And remember, Stay Hungry.

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