“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”

– Zig Ziglar

Brand identity design

A great brand identity will engage your audience, make you memorable and suit your marketplace. Branding is not just about the design, it is about the character and values. 

All successful companies require an original mark. A logo that is instantly recognisable and associated with them. 

Our design team create brand identities founded in our value of ‘create and simplify’. What is the most simple and effective way to visually represent your brand? 

Brand guidelines

There’s not much point having an incredible brand identity, if you’re not going to use it consistently.

Think of brand guidelines as a set of rules for your business and your brand. With companies utilising an array of marketing channels and materials, it’s easy to be mismatched. Brand consistency just disappears!

We know what looks good in a range of situations, our brand guidelines will be detailed and point you in the right direction. We won’t include all that technical jargon either, brand guidelines will be written so you and your staff can follow them. So, if you’re ever unsure about the colour code, or what font you normally use, how much space the logo should have, grab the guidelines and find out.

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Search marketing meeting
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Switch the word ‘brand’ for ‘reputation’. What do people think of you? What do people associate with you?

Rebranding is a game changer. It’s all about stripping back the day to day and realising what’s at the heart of your business. Do you thrive on supporting local charities, do you want to be seen as the expert? What defines your business?

A clean, professional looking brand promotes quality products and services. Which is exactly what you want to portray to your clients. A fresh look at your brand with Codebreak will ensure all your stakeholders understand your identity, your mission and your values. 

Organisation naming

Your brand name is the first step to creating a powerful brand image. Do you want to go for something long and descriptive, or short and catchy? Codebreak have worked with brands of all types and sizes, so our opinion is based on experience – we know what works!

It’s a hard decision to make, and certainly one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having an external agency work with you to create something memorable will help with summarising your business, product or service with a name.

After an initial discussion, our knowledgeable team will put together some innovative ideas for you to consider. 

They helped us come up with a great name, logo, strapline and website. They have engaged with our staff and customers in a professional and innovative manner, brought plenty of ideas of their own, and importantly come in on budget and on time.

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What is the process?

A typical branding project will start with a kick-off meeting between key decision makers and us. We follow that with market research and an analysis of your business, your values and looking at stakeholder opinion.

Our research directs our concept work. You can expect to be presented with at least three concepts to consider.

Following feedback, we’ll develop your preferred concept into a final brand identity.

From there we can develop documents outlining your brand, your values, whatever you require to ensure consistency in your business.

What's a logo vs a brand?

Your logo is just one element of your brand identity and overall brand. Consider it the visual marker for your organisation. Branding ties together all the elements of your reputation; visuals, attitude, values, customer service etc.

How long does a branding project take?

We work on various sized branding projects. From creating vector logos to full rebrands. We’ll always offer a project scope with timings and deadlines. If you have set deadlines, let us know. It is important we get your branding project right in a timeframe that works for your goals.

How can we get the most out of our brand?

Frame the vision of your company.

What do you want to achieve? What action will you take to do it? How will you go about that action?

Mission: To see the view on the other side of that hill.
Vision: I will climb to the top of the hill.
Values: I will have as little impact on the environment and landscape as I climb the hill and I will help others do the same.

Suddenly you have clarity. Your goal, how to achieve it and the way in which you will go about it.

Your brand should encapsulate that mission, vision and values so all stakeholders (customers, staff, owners etc) are clear.

Why do we need to develop our brand?

Consider your brand as your reputation. How do people see you? What do they think of you? What do they associate with you? Developing your brand allows you to control the consistency of your message, associate your values with your business and become more memorable.

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