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Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

by | Mar 3, 2020

I get it.

You’re really busy, you’re balancing a hundred different things, you’re spinning a hundred different plates.

Sometimes you can’t remember what you said yesterday, let alone last week.

And that’s the same for business owners across the land.

They’re obviously busy people trying to run their business, but that’s no excuse to break a promise. If you make someone a promise, you better keep it.

Think about that from a marketing perspective.

You’re advertising, you’re making promises in your advertising, you deliver on those promises and then you get paid.

But if you don’t deliver, you look like a liar. You are no longer a trustworthy, reliable business. You lose face and credibility and no one wants that, especially when it’s only because they’re busy!

Now, I know you’d never break a promise on purpose, why would you? It’d be terrible for business. So put boundaries in place to make sure you keep your promises.

Make keeping promises as easy as making them

Make time in the diary, set reminders, tell your team about the promises you’ve made so they hold you accountable as well. Then there’s also other people to remind you so it’s not just your promise to carry.

Keep checking in with the client so that they know that you’re getting on with what you said you’d do, and then deliver.

When you’ve delivered, tell the client you’ve delivered, tell the team you’ve delivered, tell people what a good job you did, ask for a testimonial, and then make your next promise.

Promises are good for business

So you see, making and keeping promises is great for business and really good for marketing your business too.

It puts you under pressure, but the kind of pressure that will help you grow.

Hold yourself accountable and watch your business grow. If you want to put some accountability
steps into your business and get your promises right, schedule a Discovery Call with me.

We’ll work it into your marketing, we’ll make you accountable for your actions, we’ll improve your advertising, and we’ll get promises converted into more inquiries.

That’s a promise.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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