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How to Capitalise on What You Can In Your Environment

by | Jul 23, 2020

This whole situation has been grim, hasn’t it? Every business has felt it.

Worse still, because everyone has been worried about their own situation, it can feel like your troubles are being ignored.

The good news is, there are opportunities out there for businesses and you’ve got to capitalise on what you can and make the best of this situation.

She sells nothing by the seashore

I went to the seaside yesterday. I was stood in the queue for fish and chips. It’s not acceptable to go the seaside and not have fish and chips, but that’s a different matter entirely.

Anyway, the queue snaked all the way down the pavement with everyone passing a couple of shops on the way to the chip shop.

The first shop was a little newsagents and near the window you could see a cold drinks fridge. The sort of business that would sell £100s of drinks per hour when there’s a queue of people in the summer heat.

Guess what? Closed. Why? Because it was Sunday. Are you for real?! After the last four months the country has been through. I’d take whatever I can get.

The second business was a souvenir and trinkets business. The sort you see in every seaside town. And the owner was stood in the door chatting to people in the chip shop queue.

Every single word I heard leave her mouth was negative. Moaning that the queue was blocking her door, moaning that she can only have two people in her shop at a time… had it not crossed her mind that she had a captive audience on her doorstep? The exact seaside tourists she was looking for?!

Carp Diem and all that, lady! (see what I did there…carp as in fish…oh forget it!)

Make waves and get going!

Now don’t get me wrong. All businesses have suffered. Some have had a horrendous time. But please, make hay whilst the sun shines. Take the opportunities in front of you!

To give you some ideas…

Online has blown up. More than anyone could imagine. Could you take your business online? Could your restaurant offer home delivery, could you sell your products online, could you take online bookings, could you hold webinars? Nearly every business can have some sort of online offering.

The available talent pool is also growing. Sadly, due to the current circumstances, redundancies are inevitable. But for your business, this could mean that key piece of talent you’ve been missing is now available. Can you add the missing piece to your puzzle?

Very few people will be holidaying abroad too. More people will be taking long weekends in the UK or taking weeks by the seaside. Are you gearing your business for this new sort of demand?
I don’t just mean Air BnBs charging more. I mean sweet shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, arcades, cafes, ice cream shops, camping equipment, caravan supplies. Catch my drift? We could be about to see the British holiday renaissance.

And they are just a few examples.

You’re still quite the catch!

Yes, the business in front of you might not be what you had in mind when you built your business, but you need to be flexible and grasp what you can. Be inviting, be open to new customers, make it as easy as possible for people to spend their money with you.

If you’re not sure how to flex your business for this new environment, book a Discovery Call with me. I’d love to help.

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