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If you’re a business owner turning over five or more figures a month and want to keep your marketing in-house, you’re in the right place. This section is all about having Andy and Joel draw on their 40+ years’ experience to advise and support you, and keep you ahead of the curve in a fast-moving industry.

Two business owners, directors and direct response marketers plugged into your company and driving you forward with a results-focused strategy.

From sharing key advice on advertising, sales, retention and mindset… this is marketing consultancy on steroids.

You have the option of Group Coaching or 1-2-1 Consultancy.

Codebreak is for you if your marketing is mostly a series of ad hoc tasks, which have got you so far but now there’s a danger of plateauing. Maybe you’re facing new competitors, or your marketplace has changed in the new economy.

So Andy and Joel step in as your outsourced Marketing Directors. They’ll work with you or whichever employee/s you have running your marketing; defining a strategy and ongoing measurable points of action.

There’ll be learning, support and fun, but there’ll also be accountability! You want results, afterall, right?

Tried and Tested

Time and time again, an annual strategy – broken down into 90-day game plans – has proved the most effective.

If you’re feeling the frustration of having a long-term goal but getting there is a struggle, this is why. Let’s face it – as the business owner, you’re firefighting half of the time. It’s hard to keep on top of your marketing.

So, together, we’ll cut your pizza into four slices and treat each slice like a 90-day project. Your marketing will become more efficient overnight.

Andy and Joel will ensure your marketing works better than before. A streamlined path that’s clear for everyone, which is built around authority positioning and appointment generation.

You’ll know what to do and when. You’ll be shown software that can do much of the heavy lifting for you. You can call for technical help.

We’ll work with you on your mindset too, as the fear of sticking your head above the parapet hinders many a business owner. Some of the most super successful people we’ve worked with have struggled with this.

Andy and Joel have faced many a difficult business situation themselves and, if they can help you avoid the pitfalls, they will. And get you moving forward.

The key takeaways for you here are:

Clarity: “If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

Activity: “All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Andy Rao
Andy from Codebreak coaching a client
Joel and Andy chatting about lead generation
Joel from Codebreak presenting

The team is always on hand to help, not just Andy and Joel. Having a responsive service in this day and age, when most businesses take days to get back to you, if at all, is important. You want to feel valued, right?

Sophie Whittingham

SW Sports Performance

What You Stand For

Maybe your business doesn’t have a defined vision. Knowing your vision makes everything easier, including the selling.

We call it your North Star. Having a purpose and values to guide you and keep you on the right path.

Andy and Joel will make this a priority at your kick-off meeting. Everyone who starts working with Codebreak receives a kick-off meeting – over Zoom or face-to-face at Codebreak HQ in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Your choice!

Again, your vision drives everything. How you choose suppliers, partners, employees, investments and, yes, customers…. If someone doesn’t align with your vision, you don’t invite ‘em in. Simple. You’ll avoid the headaches that are inevitable.

Define what you’re about. Serve more people. Make more money.

As a consultancy client, you will:

Receive an actionable roadmap to appointment-generation

Get the best advice on making Pay Per Click ads WORK for you

Identify the values that drive you

Pinpoint the people most likely to buy from you

Learn how to improve customer loyalty

Design the ‘prospect to customer’ journey, making outreach more strategic

Embrace automation to do much of the heavy lifting

Understand how to better deal with self-limiting beliefs

Get access to Codebreak’s recommended suppliers


You’ll get all of the above from having Andy and Joel in your business, who have over 40 years’ experience between them. Strategic advice, as well as technical support from the Codebreak Crew.

To find out whether consultancy is right for both parties, book a free Discovery Call today.

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