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Is Consultancy for You?

We consult for a number of UK businesses but no more than ten at a time. This is a bespoke consulting service, which includes regular face-to-face meetings and/or Zoom calls.

Most of our consulting clients have an in-house marketing person or persons but want the added benefits of Codebreak’s strategic advice and guidance. Someone to steer the ship and position them in their marketplace.

Joel, Andy and the team have been absolutely brilliant for our business. We have gone through a rebrand and new website (amongst other things) with them and the process has been seamless. Their ability to turn our crazy, haphazard and uncoordinated thoughts on marketing and branding into a cohesive, well thought out and strategic plan of action is fantastic.

We have seen a huge improvement in our social media traction and feel like they truly understand what our vision is and get this across perfectly on all platforms for us. Fantastic team, keep up the great work.

Rob Chadderton

ChadStone Accountancy & Tax

SEO meeting
Search marketing
Search marketing meeting
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Codebreak Consultancy

In addition to regular reviews and planning sessions, our consultancy service includes ongoing telephone and email support. From advising on web copy to Facebook Ad design, we have the team to help at the practical level. After all, it’s got to work, right?

Marketing success isn’t just about knowledge. It’s about implementation.

Codebreak’s consultancy further includes troubleshooting should something go wrong in your marketing. Perhaps your no.1 marketing employee needs time off for an emergency. Or you come under fire on social media. When that happens out of the blue, it can be a shock as well as potentially damaging, but we know what to do.

In essence, Codebreak will be in the trenches with you. We see ourselves as part of your team… but without the HR headaches!

We’ll have your back 24/7.

Further benefits

Other benefits include social events and discounts off our preferred suppliers (printed materials, promo gifts, videography… you name it).

There is a three-month initial commitment to double check we are right for each other.

In the first instance, please schedule a Discovery Call. This is a free 20-minute call with Andy or Joel to discuss your dreams, challenges and goals.

SEO meeting
Search marketing
Search marketing meeting
SEO ranking

Codebreak’s unbiased, “seasoned” eyes will ensure that the content you’re putting out resonates with enough of the right people. What to do, what not to do, feeding back on copy and design… with responsive support on hand.

 For over ten years, Codebreak’s Co-founders have been helping businesses market themselves better. Making them look more professional. Clarifying their message. Targeting the right people.

 So when your marketing is seen or your salespeople get prospects on the phone, you’re halfway there. Brand awareness. It’s not jargon or fluff. It is SOOOOO much easier to make a sale when people have seen or heard good things about you.

 Without ongoing marketing, you’ll always be starting the engine from cold. That’s why lots of businesses went pear-shaped when lockdown happened. They weren’t as protected as they could have been when the lockdown happened. They didn’t market themselves during the good times.

Their marketing and branding knowledge, ideas, social media skills and most importantly ability to understand our business has been brilliant. They are responsive, friendly and professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to boost their profile. The investment we made with them has been paid back very quickly.
Daniel Morris

Premier Farm Marketing

How we will benefit you

As we love clarity, here’s what consultancy clients can enjoy:

– Review & Planning sessions of at least 1.5 hours –
We sit down together in our Shrewsbury office or via Zoom, analysing what’s been going on and what we need to do moving forward.

– Ongoing support –
We make communications easy by offering online and phone options. You may have content or ads that need auditing, or a question about SEO… whatever, we can help.

– Systems –
There are a number of systems and software choices that could make your marketing more efficient. We can advise and guide and even set them up for you.

– Supplier discounts –
Over the years, we have struck up good relationships with numerous trusted suppliers. From printing business cards to branding up mugs, we can get you competitive quotes without compromising on quality.

– Social invites –
It can’t be all work, work, work!
Drinks, dinners, parties… any excuse really.

Who we help

Again, most of our consultancy clients have a small marketing team, maybe just even one person. Great at what they do but they’d benefit from the additional guidance of marketing business owners. Andy and Joel appreciate it’s all about the bottom line.

We’re not here to replace or act as a Marketing Executive, doing the day-to-day implementation. This is not a done-for-you service (although we do provide that separately to many businesses).

This is Marketing Director level work at a fraction of the cost.

We will be your trusted advisers.

Not everyone qualifies to work with Codebreak...

We can only help businesspeople who are:

Polite and professional
Not micro managers
Not d**ks

Let’s start

Everything starts with a free Discovery Call. For us to sound you out via Zoom, and vice versa. If all goes well, we get a kickoff meeting booked in.

If, for whatever reason, we decide we’re not the best choice for you, at least you’ll come away with a number of tailor-made marketing tips.

We’re not in the habit of taking people’s money if we’re not confident and happy we can help. As writer Derek Sivers said: “If you’re not saying, “Hell, yeah!” about something, say, “No.””

They push us hard to realise our marketing potential. Andy and Joel have been brilliant at using what we take for granted to further the reach of our business.

Ben Jones

Mullocks Auctioneers

Us and You

For this to work, this has to be that scary word again – COMMITMENT!

If you’re the sort of person who flits from one supplier to another, always looking for the next shiny new thing to save a few quid, this ain’t gonna work. Marketing is not an overnight fix and never has been. We can’t advise on a leaflet, you send the leaflet out and suddenly your business is transformed. It doesn’t work like that. Sure, we’ve launched Facebook Ads that have had a x10 increase in sales in just one day but marketing success is long-term thinking.

If parting with a minimum of £999+vat a month will cause you sleepless nights, this ain’t gonna work. You’re paying for the advice and support of a highly experienced marketing duo that has the backup of a team. If analysing a landing page takes us 15 minutes, you don’t pay us for the 15 minutes. You pay us for the decades it took us to learn how to do it in 15 minutes.

If you want to monopolize our time, this ain’t gonna work. We have a duty to be responsive but we can’t drop everything every time you call. If we are working on something for another client, that deserves our focus. You’d want the same for you.

If your business is not that good, this ain’t gonna work. When customer service has a 1-star rating and the products are of inferior quality, no amount of marketing is going to change anything in the long run. We can only work with values-led business owners who take pride in helping people.

Who we have worked with

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Who we work with

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