“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

– Leo Burnett

Copywriting is perhaps the most valuable service we provide to clients. If people are looking at your company online or offline – anywhere except face-to-face with you – it is the words that will make their minds up.

Why do you do what you do? How do you help people? What is different about you? Let us share your story for you.

Facts tell but stories sell.


Blogging is one of the best things a business can do in terms of Search Engine Optimization, user experience and positioning. If you are regularly writing informative articles of about 500 words and letting people know about it, happy days.

So why don’t many businesses blog? Because of the usual culprit – time.

Codebreak’s copywriters can suggest topics, research and write blogs for you. Depending on your website, we can even upload them for you. Google will love it, as will your website visitors.

Each new blog means a new URL, which you can then share via your social media and email lists. Over time, people will see you as an expert in your field as opposed to “just” a business owner.

57% of companies say they’ve gained customer specifically through blogging, according to HubSpot.


Printed newsletters are a great way of connecting with your current clients and prospects. As long as they are posted to named individuals, you know those envelopes will get opened.

You may have seen us using the hashtag #PrintIsNotDead in our social media. Despite the fact that most of the ways we help businesses are digital, sometimes you just can’t beat good, old fashioned print. Something in your hand.

And the best thing is – your competitors won’t be doing them! Printed newsletters take time and money. Maybe that will stop you from doing them too, but that’s up to you!

Our professional copywriters will get to know your business and agree what your readers will want to see. You don’t even need to send us any content; we will research everything for you. Our print costs are hard to beat or we can do a design-only service for you.

Do you receive Codebreak’s free monthly newsletters? No? Outrageous! If you’d like to receive free marketing tips in the post, please sign up here (UK only).

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Search marketing meeting
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Website Copy

Is your website due a refresh? Perhaps you’re getting lots of traffic but fewer conversions? Our Shrewsbury copywriting team have written website content for businesses in a range of sectors.

As your website is often the main window into your business, the words need to engage. So many businesses focus on SEO when that is just half the battle. You want your website visitors to stick around, be impressed and – at some point – buy. It is the words that will do this.

Writing attractive, non-salesy content can be difficult for some. It is easy to fall into the “buy my stuff!” type of writing. We have seen much more more success with websites that hook and inform. Even sentence length and paragraph length comes into it, especially if people are browsing on a mobile.

Codebreak designs and builds websites and we include copywriting and editing in the price. But if you’re happy with the look and feel of your current website and it’s just the words you are struggling with, we can do that too. 


As well as writing content for print and web, we provide a Public Relations service. Perhaps you have some great news or opinions to share and want to get in the newspaper or trade publication. We’ve got you covered!

One of our team will interview you, either in person, on the phone or FaceTime and that’s it. We see it as our job to make things easy for you! We can advise on a photo or sort that for you as long as you’re local to Shropshire.

We get writing, we proof you then liaise with our journalist contacts. You could have the best story in the world but if it doesn’t get published, you’re smiling in the dark. We would also let you know when and where your PR gets picked up.

PR is a good marketing pillar to have supporting your business… as long as it’s the right story.

Email Marketing

Email marketing won’t have the open rates of printed newsletters but in terms of affordability and trackability…. No wonder that 40% of marketers say that email newsletters are most critical to their marketing success! [source: HubSpot]

Email marketing helps cement relationships with your current clients as well as reach potential new clients. With GDPR, you need to be careful who you add to your database. There are still grey areas but our advice is to get people to subscribe themselves or you at least need to have a legitimate interest to contact them. And to use a legally compliant email system of course with an ‘unsubscribe’ option.

How does Codebreak help? We design, research, write, send and monitor mass emails for businesses. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever is agreed. We wouldn’t advise less than once a month. It’s hard to stay in people’s minds if the frequency is too low!

I have worked with them on multiple projects and every time they surprise me with what they come up with. Above all, they are great to work with and have delivered my copy on time and to a high standard.

Jake Buchanan



What are the costs?

A blog for an existing client, depending on the subject matter, will be between £150+vat and £350+vat. If you are not a client but want a one-off blog, the price will be higher and you may be better off seeking a freelancer.

A PR story will be around £500+vat for our comprehensive service, as listed above.

Printed newsletters, website content and email marketing depend on a number of factors, so please get in touch if you’d like us to narrow down a price.

Do I need to supply all the info?

With all of our services, we make things as easy as possible for the client. If there is info you can send us, great. But it is our guys’ job to research as much as they can and, if necessary, call you and make notes.

You would need to proofread the writing for factual correctness. But we’d have the spelling and grammar sorted, of course. We are fastidious about that, even though few people seem to be these days!

What industries do you write about?

We have clients ranging from software developers and solicitors to cocktail bars. Our skills are in our interview techniques and copywriting experience. Technical copy can be trickier but again we will write about anything as long as the story’s there.

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