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Do you hate having your time wasted? Someone wants a meeting, you say, “Yes, OK,” without really thinking…. Then you walk out of that meeting wondering why you bothered. Or, more importantly, what else you could have been doing in that time.

Codebreak is different to many agencies. We have a 20-minute Discovery Call before jumping into the traditional meeting / video call. Because we value time. Unless you’re Marty McFly, you can’t get that back. You’re busy. We’re busy too.

So our quick chat will establish whether we’re going to be right for each other and – if we are – we can move onto the next step.

Our Disco Call will also get you some free advice and tips, based upon Andy and Joel’s decades of experience. Our Co-founders are, ahem, “seasoned” marketers.

We’ll cut to the chase on the call. What’s keeping you up at night with your business’s marketing? Is it a lack of enquiries? Enquiries off the wrong people… time vampires, tyre kickers, etc? Or have your competitors upped their game and they’re stealing your slice of the pie?

What you probably don’t realise is that we come across this EVERY DAY. We’re in the business of Relationship Marketing. So we can have frank conversations with our clients, to get to the root of their challenges.

And then we help solve it for them IF we can. Again, the Disco Call will tell us that.

So, what have you got to lose?

To apply for your Discovery Call with Andy or Joel, please fill out the form and one of the team will be in touch within one working day.

    What we’ll chat about on your call:

    Let’s find out if we click.
    Your short term and long term goals.
    Details of your ambitions.
    Your current marketing strategy.
    How your sales process works.
    You ask us whatever questions you want.

    Andy and Joel at Codebreak

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    We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.
    Owen O'Kane

    Ten to Zen - Amazon best-selling author