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If you’re frustrated with trying to grow your business, and you’re finding your time more and more squeezed, you’ve come to the right place

Chances are you’ve built your business on hard work and reputation, the sweat and sawdust stuff. But if you’re anything like most, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, your sales numbers aren’t where they need to be and you’re worried it could stall or worse, go backwards…

To rub salt in the wounds, there might also be competitors nibbling away at your slice of the pie, which is especially annoying if they’re not as good as you! This is the sort of stuff that can keep you up at night thinking, ‘Why am I doing this?’

At times like these, some businesses explore using a marketing agency or creative agency. You may have already done this and found it a waste. They baffle you with technobabble, drain your wallet and, twelve months down the line, the phone still isn’t ringing.

This is why you need to consider there MUST be a better way of doing things. Working with marketing & design professionals, who are focused on lead generation for your business.

Which is why your next best step is to book a chat with us.

A Discovery Call will allow us to find out about your business goals and whether we’re a good fit. If we are, you’ll receive information in the post for you to mull over and then we chat again. Once green lit, our experienced crew and unique system will sort your leads out for you.

You won’t have to stress about lead generation again. Who to target, how to test & measure, analytics or other fun stuff. Leave that to us and you do whatever it is you love doing.

Codebreak are the experts who can remove lead gen headaches for you.

You’ll benefit from MARKETING THAT SELLS™.

Doubled the speed of their growth

So, if you’re sick and tired of banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to targeted lead gen, there are only two logical options moving forward:

1) Let Codebreak take care of your lead gen for you


2) Have Codebreak show your marketing team how to do it

Done-For-You or Coaching.

For those who make the move, it’s the opportunity to enjoy results like…

  • Increased number of dress sales for a bridal boutique by 133%

  • Doubled the speed of growth of an accountancy practice

  • Provided a 10:1 return on spend for an e-commerce clothing brand

  • £27m of property sales in one year for a developer

The men behind the
Marketing That Sells™ system

Andy and Joel
Andy & Joel

Andy Rao is a business owner and advocate of Marketing That Sells. With 25 years in the industry, Andy is on a mission to help small to medium-sized businesses get results from their marketing. Not just brand awareness but actual sales, which is what puts food on clients’ tables. Having successfully built two advertising companies, Andy partnered with award-winning marketer and graphic designer, Joel Stone, to form the marketing growth agency, Codebreak.

With experience across TV, cinema, press and online, Andy has a wealth of knowledge to share although, as his father said, is officially trained in nothing…. He loves removing the marketing pressure off business owners and making them money. And, over the years, he has made millions of pounds for hundreds of them. He has just one rule – don’t be a dick.

Joel Stone is a marketer and a disciple of business strategy. After seeing the devastation of the recession between 2007 and 2009 he decided to leave employment and set up in business for himself. Having built a successful design agency, he partnered with Andy in 2019 to form Codebreak.

Having previously helped brands including GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo, Beta Tools, and Channel 4, Joel’s work has been seen all over the world. He takes pride in applying techniques normally reserved for huge corporations to UK SMEs. A Facebook accredited, Shopify partner, case studies of Joel’s work have featured in Design Week, The Drum and Social Media Today.

As co-host of the Stay Hungry podcast, Joel regularly interviews marketing experts from all over the world. Having started from scratch, the podcast is now one of the most popular marketing shows in the UK.

What do you get from your Discovery Call?

  • A FREE 1-2-1 strategy session with Andy or Joel
  • Your chance to ask any burning marketing questions to two of the industry’s leading experts
  • An insight into what you should stop, what you should improve, and what you should keep doing to market your business
  • Total clarity on the direction the marketing of your business should take
  • All completely FREE

Your next step is simple…

Book your complimentary Discovery Call and we can get the heart of what you need to make your marketing sell.

A Discovery Call is for business decision-makers who want crystal clarity on what is required to get their lead gen firing on all cylinders. Finally get a system and processes in place that work for your business.

That said, a Discovery Call won’t be for you if you quickly need some marketing doing, you’ve done a Google search and want three companies to send you a proposal. Sign up to our emails first, listen to our podcast…. Get to know us and then get in touch if you like what you see.

“Before working with Codebreak our marketing was very slap-dash. The problem was it wasn’t measurable and we couldn’t tell how it impacted our business.

“Andy and Joel brought clarity to the situation and a system that focused on results. Their refreshing approach was transformational for our marketing and our business.

“All business owners should consider the Marketing That Sells™ system.”

J Gott – Berrys Cafes Ltd

Right now…

– If your marketing feels out of control, or worse, non-existent

– If you don’t have enough time in the day to focus on the important stuff

– If you’ve no idea what activity generates business and what activity is a waste of time and money

– If your website doesn’t seem to make any difference to your business…

… take back control and book that call

Leave it to the experts and see what happens. If a job is worth doing properly… let someone who knows what they are doing take over.

“Thanks so much, team Codebreak, for all you do for me and Skin Deep Clinic. Especially during lockdown when I wasn’t always feeling rational, you kept the boat bobbing along and as a result Skin Deep Clinic is still floating. You rock.

Wendy Hartwig – Skin Deep Clinic

In case you’re wondering, this works for every business under the sun. Whether you’re an accountancy practice, a housing developer, an online retailer or a leisure club we can create marketing that sells for you.

Let’s make your marketing sell

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