Doing Something and Telling EVERYONE About It

by | Aug 13, 2021

I’m the only one in the office who watched Le Tour de France. Joel’s the only one who watched the Euros.

I’d make a joke about not wanting to watch 22 millionaires kick a ball about.

Joel would make a joke about not wanting to watch 100 millionaires pedal on drugs.

Anyway, it was a great tour. And whether you watched it or not, you’ve heard of it. Le Tour de France is one of the biggest sporting challenges in the world.

But have you heard of The Alt Tour and Lachlan Morton?

Lachlan is a pro cyclist who rode the route on his own before Le Tour without any help, raising about half a million quid for charity in the process.

Le Tour was 3,383 km.

Lachlan’s Alt Tour was 5,510 km.

No team mates.

No support vehicles.

No spare bikes.

No coaches taking you between stages.

No hotels.

No chef-prepared food.

No massages.

No rest days.

You get the picture. Amazing stuff.

My point is – 99% of people won’t be aware of what Lachlan did. It may have been big news in the cycling world but even then there are lots of amateur cyclists who’ve never heard of The Alt Tour.

Take your opportunity

And this happens all the time in business. You do something massive and therefore massively marketable, you think lots of people realise but – here’s the kicker – THEY DON’T.

They’ve got their own things to focus on.

They’ve got their own worries.

They’ve got a whole load of other online news to wade through.

And an opportunity to raise your head above the parapet is gone.

Maybe your news went out once somewhere. Twice. But no more because you’re British. Perhaps your news wasn’t written up as strongly as it could have been, so doesn’t resonate with the people who do stop scrolling to read.

When something marketable happens – when you’ve done something newsworthy to help people and/or grow your business – you’re ripe for blasting your channels. Not crudely and simply saying the same thing in the same place over and over again. That’s just lazy. But writing it well in the first place and then repurposing it into other forms of content.

The Codebreak Crew can sometimes take one piece of news and turn it into a dozen pieces of content.

Back it up with a budget

If it’s a piece of news that’s so cool it’s wearing Fonzie’s leather jacket, you put budget behind it too.

Only then will it sink in with your customers and potential customers.

Time often gets in the way, I appreciate. It’s why some businesses come to Codebreak. They know they need to be marketing themselves more but it ain’t a lack of knowledge that’s holding them back. It’s a lack of time. They can’t do it consistently, and 80% of success is consistent action.

If that sounds like you, apply for a free Discovery Call with myself or Joel.

 Stay safe, stay hungry.

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