Double Down on What Works

by | May 20, 2021

Annoying, isn’t it?

When you’re following a marketing guide, putting time and effort in, and not all the elements are coming together.

And worst still, all your energy is focused on trying to get the bits that aren’t producing results to catch up with the bits that are.

And there lies the problem

Do you see the issue?

All your focus is on the parts of your campaign that isn’t working, that isn’t converting. You’re trying to fix it.

And at the same time, you’re neglecting the bits that are working.

Focus on driving enquiries

Stop overcomplicating it. You don’t need to be the next Gary Vee. You need to focus on driving enquiries.

If part of your campaign is doing that. Double down on it.

Move your budgets to that part. Move your focus to that part. Dissect why that is working so well and replicate it.

It is such a business owner / perfectionist / control freak / decision-maker trait to want to get everything right.

That’s no good if you neglect the stuff that is working. If you don’t feed to the positive part of your campaign it might dry up. And then you’ll end up with nothing working!

Think about it…

If a footballer takes free kicks a different way to everyone else, but they score 10% more goals from them. Why on earth would they try and perfect the other way?

If a stockbroker builds an investment portfolio for their clients that grows twice as fast as everyone else, using different stocks. They wouldn’t focus on trying to do it the same way as everyone else, but better.

When it comes to marketing, double down on what works. Double down on what’s driving people into your funnel, into your database and ultimate double down on what causes people to buy from you.

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