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Eight Topics You Shouldn’t Be Posting About on Social Media!

by | Oct 8, 2020

It’s your social media. You should have creative freedom right? People can unfollow you if they don’t like it, can’t they?

Hell nooooo!

Social media is an awesome tool for growing your business. However, there are certain topics, that if posted, could be the death of your business. And like a Game of Thrones style death too – super ugly and stressful…

The topics to avoid on social media…  

So what are they? What should you avoid? And what cannot get out there no matter what?…

Aside from the obvious like illegal content, adult content, tik tok content (totally kidding), here are topics to avoid like a one on one fight with The Mountain. We all know how that turns out…


– Political or religious opinions – They aren’t helpful, they make people feel uncomfortable and no one cares what your opinion is. Your business also shouldn’t have an opinion on them – certainly not publicly. These topics are personal and should be left to the family party where everyone has had a little too much and thinks they are cabinet members…


– Negative opinions – They are the most unhelpful things ever. They achieve nothing except misery and anger. For the sake of yours, and everyone else’s’ sanity, don’t post negative things. There is so much good in the world and people are desperate for it. Be part of it.


– Poor grammar – Mistakes look like you don’t care as you didn’t proofread. We’re human, mistakes happen but triple-checking your content should be your default. You want to give the right impression from the off.


– Insensitive content – There is a difference between being brave and being intentionally controversial. The public can smell those posts from a mile off too. And although they can get you good engagement for a short burst, they won’t grow your business and it won’t make you look good. A good rule – If you wouldn’t shout it across a full room, don’t post it on social media.


– Confusing your business account with your personal account – This is so important and something so many businesses fall into. A business page should only have content relevant to your business. Sure, if you’ve done something awesome, shout about it on your business page, as chances are, those values align with your business’. However, pictures of you on a night out with your mates, probably should stay on your own Facebook.


– Getting angry over negative comments – You may get negative feedback from time to time. The difference between that review burying you, or building you, is how you respond. Go back to them with a friendly, helpful response. Potential clients will massively respect that.


– Be careful with images – There are obvious photos that should not be used – adult content, offensive imagery etc – But also check any photos you are putting out at the moment – are you socially distanced? Is there any data-sensitive content in the background? Anything in it that shouldn’t be?


– Posts without purpose – Each post you put out should either educate, inspire, or entertain. Always.


– Pictures of your food – (just kidding, I do this, probably too often) Again though, make sure there is a purpose to the post.

There you have it. The social media no-nos. If you’re worried about posting something you shouldn’t, or just want someone to take the worry away, book a Discovery Call with us today. We’d love to help.


Stay safe and Stay Hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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