Why You Still Need to Build an Email Database

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Marketing

In this social media age, you still need to build an email database. Contrary to popular belief, email is not dead. Print is even older and that’s not dead either!


In a nutshell, building an email database puts YOU in control. And, as business owners, we like control, right? We wouldn’t have gone into business otherwise! But, more importantly, it’s smart thinking.

Social media can be amazing if deployed correctly and you pay for ads. At Codebreak, it’s invaluable for helping grow our clients’ businesses. But if, say, you put all your marketing eggs in Facebook’s basket then fall foul of Facebook’s ever-changing Terms & Conditions, or their algorithms or bots… well, you’re stuffed.

And we see this happen. Right here, in the real world.

Facebook makes it’s own rules

A successful businessperson I know focused her marketing on Instagram. Her posts regularly reached about 30,000 people, so who can blame her? Then, without changing how or what she posted, her reach dropped overnight to 5,000. Still, a number most businesses would be chuffed with… but to lose 5/6 of your audience through no fault of your own…? It was a bitter pill to swallow. She ranted and raved but was ultimately shouting into the dark, so had to change her strategy.

Facebook/Instagram can do what they want. Any social media can. Their platforms are free to use. If you don’t like it, don’t use them. That’s the reality.

Take advantage whilst you can, of course, but spread the risk by doing data capture of your own. Email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers… whatever you can legally obtain to communicate people interested in what you have to offer. Then, should your Facebook Ad account suddenly get deactivated – something else that happens all the time, even more so recently – all is not lost.

Make the most of your data

Lots of businesses do have an email database… but don’t actually communicate with it. Madness. When lockdown no.1 hit, only then did they start firing emails out. Usually sales-led guff that did their reputations more harm than good. You don’t hear off a business for years and then they bombard you out of the blue…? If we were talking about a person rather than a business, you’d block them, wouldn’t you? Or call the cops.

You should always be in touch with your database, during the good times and bad times. Sending information of value. Like with a good social media post, an email should educate, inspire or entertain. OK, drop in the odd cheeky sell but if all your emails do is sell stuff, you’re missing the point. Use paid-for ads to sell. You won’t build and strengthen trust and loyalty by spamming people.

You have competitors out there. Some of them may be aggressive. So if your customers are being targeted, they’ll be less likely to leave if your company has been kept front-of-mind. But if your customers think, “Oh, actually… when was the last time I heard off XYZ?”… you’re in trouble.

 Using email will protect you as well as promote you.

And, for some weird reason, not many businesses do it properly if at all. So now’s your chance if you haven’t grabbed it yet!

If you’re worried about staying front-of-mind with your customers, book a free Discovery Call with myself or Joel. We have a few tricks up our sleeves, you know 😁

Stay safe, stay hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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