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Everyone Loves a Freebie

by | Aug 24, 2021

I’ve just sold a watch on eBay. It’s been sitting around in a drawer, so I thought, “Why not?”.

It sold within 12 hours. Money in the bank. Always handy when you have daughters who love buying shoes.

Here’s the thing. I’ve sold quite a lot on eBay over the years and, when I include Postage & Packaging, stuff sells quicker.

£150 for my Garmin watch with free P&P


£147.05 for my Garmin watch plus £2.95 P&P

The buyer pays the same but including P&P tends to mean a quicker and easier sale.

The magic word

I’m prepared to let go of £2.95 to expedite the sale, you see. Not everyone would, of course. They’ll never do deals (yet always want one themselves….) It’s like when people approach Codebreak wanting us to increase their monthly revenues by £20K but they haven’t got an ad budget.

Anyhoo, it’s all about the word “free”. People love it.

We’re even programmed to hone in on the word. “Free” will leap out of any ad copy.

So, is there something you can offer for free to make prospects more likely to share their details, enquire or buy?

Or, rather, what can you offer for free? Because there will be something.

Everyone does free… but not everyone does it well

Forget any talk of “free” being low level or beneath you. Or that premium businesses don’t give anything away for free. If you’re in a Ferrari showroom and are close to buying, believe me, they’ll chuck you a freebie. It might just be a Ferrari keyring, but still…! 

It’s just a matter of ‘doing free’ well.

Codebreak works with a number of businesses on lead magnets. From free factsheets to product samples and, yes, working out how to leverage the average price point to accommodate “free P&P”. Like any solid marketing strategy, the Maths has to work.

If you know a business owner who needs professional help getting people over the line, please send them Codebreak’s way and book a Discovery Call with myself or Joel!

Stay safe, Stay Hungry.

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