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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Portal

by | Oct 30, 2019

Facebook Portal has launched in the UK. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Read on.

‘If you can’t be there, feel there with Portal’ reads the tagline. Facebook is aiming to make video calling even more accessible and more interactive, especially for groups of friends.

Facebook Portal Hardware

The hardware ranges from a small photo frame style device to a camera that clips on to your TV. The cameras can track you, move with you and widen for more people. The devices allow you to make calls over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and also feature Amazon Alexa.

I know what you’re thinking. “Joel, this all sounds similar to the functionality available on most mobile phones.”

However, a video call on a phone relies on you having a really long arm to selfie everyone into shot and also there is a technical barrier to entry. It isn’t as simple as it should be.

Practical Application

Imagine being able to tell your TV to “call John”… That’s about as difficult as Facebook Portal gets. Even my grandma could do that…! The camera then tracks you, zooms where necessary, pans and you have a seamless call with John.

Scale that idea. Clip a camera to your boardroom TV and call your client group on WhatsApp Business. How much easier does that sound than a Skype or Zoom call? Talk naturally sat around the table, rather than wearing a headset and staring at your desktop webcam.

(Facebook owns WhatsApp, just to be clear.)

Couple this with the fact that Facebook Portal will be integrating apps plus the Skills that come with Amazon Alexa. You’ll have a device that can place Amazon orders for you, make calls, connect your offices and more.

People will Pay for Convenience

Facebook is keen to demonstrate Portal as a fun and convenient family tool, but to me, that feels like just the start. They’ve taken a tool that already exists, and it looks like they’ve refined it to be truly convenient. You can imagine it being integrated into TVs and perhaps even desktop computers in the near future.

Codebreak communicates with many of our clients through WhatsApp. For clients further afield, a quick (and easy) video call will make a compound difference to our operation. No faffing about with Skype or Zoom…. Over the space of a year, this will save us significant amounts of time.

Two of the most significant social media platforms just changed the video call game. The effects will resonate on social media, in family interactions, in business and more.

Are you thinking of implementing Facebook (or maybe even WhatsApp) to increase the reach and communications of your business? Get in touch.

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