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Evie, You’re Hired!

by | Jan 7, 2020

*Cue Andy and Joel strutting to The Apprentice theme tune*

We mentioned last week, that we’re hitting the ground running with 2020 and we weren’t joking. After welcoming Georgia to the team on Thursday, we have another exciting announcement. We have a new Digital Marketing Apprentice!

We have big plans for expansion and growth this year at Codebreak and Evie is going to help us do just that. We’re very excited to welcome her to the team.

So, who is our new Digital Marketing Apprentice?

Evie carried out work experience with us during the summer of 2019, impressing us so much, we wanted her back.

Evie has always had a passion and talent for digital marketing, studying Graphics at A-Level at Thomas Adams Sixth Form. It was her creative drive and knowledge base that proved she is the perfect fit for a Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Codebreak. Evie has a real passion for the inspiration behind marketing and how it can transform a business. She is excited to learn more, develop her career, and in turn, your business.

“Having the chance to come back to Codebreak after my work experience is such an exciting opportunity, and one I find so refreshing! I’m being given the chance to expand my knowledge, whilst using my own creativity to help other businesses. I can’t wait to get started with my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship!”

What does this mean for Codebreak?

Evie is going to be completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Digital Native, an apprenticeship provider that works exclusively with data, software and digital marketing.

We want Evie to get the most out of her apprenticeship, which is why we chose a college who’s entire focus is on delivering marketing the right way. Evie will get hands-on business experience that would never be accessible through university, by forming relationships with Codebreak clients. We’re so excited to show her the best side of marketing; growing real-life businesses whilst having fun.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020 and grow your business, apply here for your free marketing discovery call.

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