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Facebook Ads – Get Them Right

by | Jul 23, 2019

Why advertise on Facebook?

Are you promoting your business on Facebook? Are you leveraging the power of Facebook Advertising?

These days, to be successful on Facebook, unfortunately it isn’t enough to rely solely on organic content, no matter how strong it is. With recent updates to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, reaching your audience is harder than ever. To truly get the most out of Facebook, the fact is SMEs have to take advantage of Facebook’s advertising platform.

If you are a news agency or something, a business that can report on any topic anywhere in the world, you probably wouldn’t need Facebook Advertising. But again as an SME….

What are these changes?

In January 2018, Facebook announced that they were rolling out a new newsfeed. The changes prioritise content from family, friends and groups… meaning that content from businesses would be taking a back seat. Ultimately, making it harder for your business to reach its audience… organically.

Some businesses struggled during this time of change. For Codebreak clients, our strategy was based on good quality, engaging content partnered with a robust paid social strategy, which meant that they weren’t affected. If anything, their numbers went up. But for businesses that didn’t adapt, their numbers were likely to go down.

Build campaigns the right way

If you are dedicating budget towards a paid social strategy, this blog should be of benefit to you. There is a whole array of tools and options that can help you succeed in Facebook Ad world… but where to start?

Start simple – what are your goals for this campaign?

Reach your existing fans
Find new fans
Generate sales
Boost brand awareness
Drive traffic to your website

Once you know your goal, you can choose an objective, targeting and ad format that will help your campaign achieve that. For example, if you are wanting to engage with your existing Facebook fans, an engagement campaign – targeting people who like your page using a paid-for post that stands out and encourages a reaction and/or a conversation – will be a solid starting point.

However, if you want to generate sales, perhaps consider a more in-depth conversion campaign, which targets people interested in similar products, your brand and online shopping… using a carousel ad format with different images and links for different products.

Once you are past basic ad building, there is a mahoosive world of options that can help you niche down your audience to what works best for you. A big part of finding out what works will be through experimenting with audiences and ad format options.

Test and monitor. Test and monitor.

Understanding that different campaigns and objectives call for different targeting and ad formats is crucial to the success.

Be considered

A poorly considered Facebook Ad campaign can be a money pit. It is important to take your time and consider all the options that Facebook has made available to you. Also bear in mind that Facebook may change these options from time to time with no warning.

Remember to be careful – set spending caps and strict budgets. Monitor your campaigns while they run and make sure that they are spending how you intend them to. Most spending issues can be sorted quickly when they are caught early, so stay vigilant. Which ads are running at an expensive cost per click? The current UK average is 79p per click, so that is a good basic benchmark.

Find a good balance when setting up your audience targeting. Being too broad will waste money serving ads to people who are not interested. Being too narrow might find you underspending, or even worse, annoying your audience by serving the ads too frequently to the same users. This can negatively affect your brand.

Finding the right balance may take some time and experimentation.

Take away

To get the most from Facebook in 2019, paid campaigns are integral. Used correctly, Facebook advertising can help you reach your existing fans, gather new fans, drive traffic to your site and push conversions. Again, success with Facebook Advertising comes from planning, experimentation and regular reviewing.

Our paid social team have years of experience running campaigns across a wide range of industries. If you would like to discuss how to get the most from your Facebook Ads, get in touch!

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