Why Facebook Shops Will Benefit Your Business!

by | May 28, 2020

It’s the new hot marketing gossip at the moment. The new Facebook Shops feature. What is it? What does it mean for your business? Will current e-commerce platforms cease to exist?!

So, Mark Zuckerberg’s announced a Facebook Shops feature for Facebook and Instagram and soon businesses will be able to sell their wares directly through the platforms.

I’ve heard businesses really excited about this, I’ve heard some businesses worried about this, I’ve heard people say that this might be the thing to conquer Amazon, it won’t.

I’m here to give you my two pence worth and how I think this is a fantastic opportunity for some of our eCommerce clients and people on eCommerce in general.

Why won’t it conquer Amazon?

I think they’re separate things really.

You imagine businesses with the kind of volume they have to sell on Amazon, it’s a bit of a different proposition to what Facebook is saying here.

Facebook has seen a need from local businesses who are struggling to flex during the Covid-19 lockdown into e-commerce, so now there’s an opportunity for those businesses. They might be furniture makers, they might be selling art, they could be selling anything really and they can start to drip feed their products onto the internet and test it in Facebook’s space.

The other side of it, is that currently e-commerce businesses will be able to integrate with this.

How will it benefit existing e-commerce customers?

Mark Zuckerberg has said that WooCommerce and Shopify will both integrate with this product. This is an amazing opportunity for those businesses because suddenly they’ll be able to test products on a platform away from their website.

That means, you could test colour variations, material variations, product variations and just get a feel for what the audience likes, what the audience is interested in.

You could even advertise them at specific audiences to see who reacts to what and then you’ll know what to stock more of and what to manufacture more of.

Facebook is on your side!

It’s really a great opportunity for those businesses too, and also it’ll mean that Facebook is beefing up the e-commerce side of their platform.
Reason being, you can already plug into Facebook to sell products, but it isn’t Facebook’s own platform, it’s just kind of a harmony between e-commerce and Facebook that exists right now.

So, if Facebook is investing and improving their side of it, they’re going to want to see a return on investment and you getting sales, as that’s what will drive the success of this platform.

It can only be an opportunity for people who are already experienced in e-commerce, because Facebook is on your side and that’s a situation we haven’t had before.

Proceed to checkout?

So, those are the main things you really need to know about Facebook Shops and what’s coming.

 It’s a great opportunity for businesses out there. You’ll be able to test and measure with new audiences, with new products and see what’s going on. It’s not going to be something to conquer Amazon, it’s a separate, different kind of thing and it’s also a fantastic opportunity for businesses new to e-commerce as well as businesses already in the e-commerce space.

If you’d like to discuss that more, I’m happy to have a Discovery Call with you to get you e-commerce ready!

Take care, stay safe and happy shopping!

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Who we work with

Who we work with

People who don’t respect the professional culture

You’ll find quite a few people talking about being approached inappropriately on LinkedIn via direct message.

This does happen and it’s plain wrong, of course. It generally seems to be women getting approached by men with private messages starting with, "Hey, beautiful,” and similar.

I’ve always looked at LinkedIn as being like face-to-face networking but without the bacon rolls. If you went to a networking meeting, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and say, "Hey, beautiful,” would you? Well, you might but you’d get a cup of coffee in the face. And a left hook if it was my wife.

It shouldn’t happen and there’s no excuse. Hopefully, these people are being reported to LinkedIn and, if they persist, they get removed from the platform.

But the fact is, these idiots are in the minority. Reading tales of LinkedIn being used as a poor man’s dating site shouldn’t be the reason you don’t maximise the platform to grow your business and your professional connections. The aforementioned idiots don’t deserve that power.

People who use clickbait to get ahead

You'll also see people going on and on that LinkedIn has too much clickbait now. This is partly true but find me a social media platform that doesn’t?

(Clickbaiters are those who purposely post something controversial to receive a higher level of engagement through increased reactions, comments and shares.)

Now, you don’t need to exclusively talk about business on LinkedIn. But there are certain subjects I always advise clients to stay away from. Race, religion and politics are the biggies. It’s a free country and you can have an opinion, sure, but when it’s not really your opinion you want to get across… it’s the engagement you’re after… that’s what can wind people up.

You’ll recognise clickbaiters a mile off. “Katie Hopkins sometimes makes valid points. Discuss.” That’s the kind of sh*t they’ll come out with. All that person wants to do is put their own name in front of a truck load of people. The end justifies the means, in their minds.

But again, clickbaiters are in the minority.

People who treat LinkedIn the same as Facebook

A lot of the LinkedIn messiahs moan that LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook. For example, it was Father's Day recently and people were posting pictures of their children on LinkedIn.

Now, if there’s a business analogy you can bring to the situation, that’s fair enough. How much your dad inspired you to go into business or to become a better person. But if it’s just a photo of you as a kid with your old man, saying, “Happy Father’s Day”… well, it will wind the police up. (And me, to be honest.) Leave family pics and snaps of what you’re having for tea to Facebook.

But, guess what? Most people get this. It’s only a few people who use LinkedIn like Facebook, not the majority.

The good far outweighs the bad on LinkedIn

When you see any LinkedInfluencers banging on about creepy direct messages, clickbait or Facebook, please bear in mind that the positives of the platform far outweigh the negatives.

There’s a tonne of good stuff happening on LinkedIn. There are so many decent people to network with. People who are using it like the professional network it's supposed to be. It’s more fun and informal than it used to be, and some people don’t get that or like it… but – for the moment – the reach you can gain without having to spend any moolah is immense.

If anyone’s posts are constantly negative (whether their points are valid or not), block ‘em, disconnect or un-follow. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Only have people in your network who educate, inspire or entertain you.

If you’re not yet using LinkedIn every day, I urge you to. There’s bad stuff happening everywhere, unfortunately. There always has been and always will be. But, at least with our social media circle, the choice is ours who we let into it.

You can schedule a discovery call here and we can help your business hit the ground running with your LinkedIn profile.

Here endeth the lesson.

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