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Fergus is now Facebook Certified!

by | Jan 22, 2020

Well, he’s only gone and done it!

Our very own Fergus has recently achieved a HUGE 98% on his Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam! Can he get a ‘whoop whoop?’, if people still do that nowadays!

We help businesses nationwide reach and engage with their target audience through tailored web design, copywriting and social media. To do this, we have to keep on the top of our marketing knowledge.

The Facebook Certification

The Facebook certification course covers topics such as understanding the different behaviours of Facebook users and the implementation of advanced marketing tools such as pixel tracking advertising and Messenger bots. The one-hour exam was comprehensive, and ultimately enables Codebreak to further help businesses, as well as demonstrating to clients their commitment to learning.

Team praise for Fergus!

We are really proud of Fergus passing his exam with 98%. It’s a fantastic achievement and the team is just as delighted for him. Clients are already aware of his Facebook expertise but it is now great to have the official certification.

The learning is practical but also gives a strong understanding of Facebook’s advertising policies and regulations, including the ethical responsibilities of advertising on Facebook. We see all-too-often businesses get punished by Facebook or consumers themselves when they don’t know the rules to play within.

“Social media is developing so quickly, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to better serve clients. What worked six months ago on Facebook may not work as well now. Q3 revenues for Facebook have recently been announced and they are up +29% year-on-year. Facebook Advertising is hugely powerful, and the market realises that.”

You need a minimum score of 70% to pass the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam – so 98% is pretty good going!

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