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Free Doesn’t Matter If It Ain’t Easy

by | Mar 21, 2022

Everyone loves a freebie.

And freebies can indeed be great for encouraging a prospect over the line.

But what’s good to be mindful of is making sure “free” doesn’t involve effort.

People love “free”… but they don’t want to have to work for it.

When people are in choice, you’re in control.

Here’s an example. My wife runs a local advertising business. Part of that is promoting events and, for non profit-making organisations, that’s free of charge. 

Here’s how the convo used to go when a charity wanted to promote a fundraiser:

Charity: I really need to promote my fundraiser. Can you help?

Emma: Of course! You can promote it for free on our events page. It gets loads of traffic, so it’ll mean loads of free exposure for you.

Charity: Oh, that’s brilliant.

Emma: I’ll send you the link. All you have to do is follow the instructions, upload the details and away you go.

Charity: That’s amazing. THANK YOU.

Emma would send the link and guess what happened nine times out of ten?

Yup, the charity person didn’t do it.

So even though they’d have been able to put their fundraiser in front of thousands of people for free, they didn’t.

I’m aware I talk about this a lot but you can’t underestimate how asking people to put in effort will even stop a freebie dead in its tracks.

It doesn’t matter how amazing the results will be. People are lazy in this ‘one click’ age. If there’s a quicker, easier way to do something, they will. But when there isn’t a choice, if they only have one road to go down… what you want them to do won’t happen.

So Emma now gives enquiring charities a choice:

  1. they can have the free promotion but have to upload the details themselves


  1. they pay Emma £50 and she’ll upload the details for them

You know what happens. Most people prefer to pay the £50….

So when you’re next tempted to offer a freebie, stop for a sec. Ask yourself whether effort is involved. Even filling out a form is too much for some people…. If effort is required, you need to re-think. 

Or, like Emma, you might want to ask them if they’d rather pay for you to sort it out for them.

Remember – when people are in choice, you’re in control.

More of that another time, as there are right ways and wrong ways to give people choices.

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