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Networking Isn’t Only Good For The Free Food

by | Feb 27, 2020

We’ve all been there. It’s the same old problem, loads of breakfast networking, loads of cups of tea, quite a few bacon sandwiches and bugger all else.

You’ve been going to networking groups three times a week and yet you’re not seeing enquiries trickle through. You’re not building the network you thought you would. It feels like a one-way street; you’re passing business but getting none back. It doesn’t feel like you’re marketing your business at all.

Well, don’t worry. You’re not the only business owner in this situation. It happens to loads of businesses, and really, it’s all about how you leverage the room to your advantage. Nicely, of course.

Sniff out the big cheese

Start by identifying the most influential people in the room and speak to them. Make sure you’re connected with them in some way. Whether that’s swapping business cards, giving them your leaflet or asking to connect with them on LinkedIn whilst you’re chatting to them.

Score a second date

The next step is inviting these people to meet you for a coffee away from the group. Some networking clubs actualy encourage this, which is great.

Explain to them you’d like to learn more about their business. You genuinely do want to learn more about their business. If you don’t, don’t be a dick and leave them alone.

Then, when you meet up with them, ask them what makes their business tick. Can you help them? Can they help you?

Maybe, like us, you’re a marketing agency. You could ask them what marketing works well for them and what doesn’t. And then tease them with how you’d solve that problem.

BUT do bear in minf successful networking is about trust. You can gain some people’s trust quickly. Others will take longer. You may be awesome at what you do but you need to be prepared to put some time in to earn trust because knowledge is just half the battle.

Eat, sleep, network, repeat

Repeat this process until you’ve met everyone in the room that you want to and you’ve got to know their businesses. Then, watch networking change for you.

So many people don’t put in this effort. Sitting in the same clique, eating a croissant and moaning about the football ain’t gonna get you any new business.

If you are putting in the aforementioned effort but networking still isn’t cutting the mustard, feel free to schedule a Discovery Call with me.

Let’s talk about how you can leverage the room, how you can showcase the power of your business and how you can get more from it than just the grub!

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