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Getting your print right

by | Mar 18, 2019

Are you getting your print produced at the right quality, at the right price?

For years I’ve been telling clients there is a great opportunity with print. We send out a printed newsletter ourselves. It resonates.

Why? Because so many companies are concentrating so hard on their digital marketing output, they are forgetting that sometimes something tangible, something you can touch and feel, will stick in the mind.

I’ve worked in and around print for over a decade. I’m well positioned to advise our clients on the right print for their jobs, at the right price. We’ve forged great relationships with local and national print providers to ensure our clients get the right product.

Many factors come in to it…


Get your print right

Why does it matter?

Print reflects on your brand. A budget supermarket sends out offers on cheap glossy paper. A premium car brand sends a die cut, specially produced envelope with a spot gloss finish. The quality of your print reflects the positioning of your business.

I met a business consultant once. They were proposing to charge £4000 per day for their time. They had a credible background and a plenty of great ideas. Then they passed me their business card. Thin, cheap paper, badly printed and scuffed around the edges. It didn’t add up. Their presentation wasn’t consistent.

How can you ensure you’re getting your print right?

Does it feel the right fit? Are the colours right? Can you carry this style and feel across all of your materials?

A good agency will be able to help and guide you with this. They’ll deal with printers direct and make sure your colours, your paper stock, the finishing and the delivery is all spot on.

We deal with print jobs every day. From runs of business cards to spot foiled brochures, advertising billboards, pop-up banners and everything in between.

If you want to know more about how to get the most from your print jobs, get in touch.

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