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Grab the Attention of Your Captive Audience Whilst You Can

by | Nov 13, 2020

Our first full week of lockdown 2.0! And I know, it is the worst kind of déjà vu…

For business owners like you, you were just picking up a head of steam after the first lockdown. Those promising green shoots of progress were starting to show.

And then wham! We’re back behind closed doors.

The good news is, this presents an opportunity that most of your competitors will be missing.

The Opportunity

Whilst they’re busy battening down the hatches, you’ve got the potential for more eyes on your business than ever before. Your competitors are cutting their marketing spend. We know this for a fact because the cost of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads has dropped through the floor in the last week.

Millions of people are working from home. And even some of those still going to the office are sat metres apart with nobody to talk to. The attention deficit is huge. This is your chance to fill it!

And, it doesn’t even matter if your business has been forced to close. Which businesses will have the most bookings when we open up again? The ones that put the work in now.

Whether you’re product, service or hospitality, never before (apart from the first lockdown) have more eyes been available to you. And there are so many options for getting in front of them.

Smart businesses are running Google Display Ads. You know the ones, those banners you see when you’re browsing the web. The ones that look like they cost a fortune. The good news? They don’t. And better still you could use them to retarget anyone that visited your website in the last month. Literally show that you mean business.

You can use Facebook to target your customer avatar. Showcase your business to the people most likely to buy from you. The Facebook Ads platform is one of the most powerful around. Want to target a female homeowner, who reads non-fiction, loves architecture and has pets, you can!

And better still the Facebook Ads platform allows you to advertise across Facebook, Instagram and much of the internet through their Audience Network. You can have people downloading your free guide and in your marketing funnel in no time.

And what else could you be doing? Well the businesses that are really grasping this opportunity are blogging, podcasting, vlogging. They’re putting out useful, informative content that places them ahead of their competitors in the potential customer queue.

I agree, lockdown sucks. But don’t miss the opportunities staring you in the face.

If you want to chat about this more, book a free marketing Q&A with us here. We can talk about your goals, your business ambitions and make sure your marketing lines up to fuel that fire.

Stay hungry!

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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