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Not getting enough leads/sales through Facebook?

Read on…

There are all sorts of Facebook marketing hacks floating around. And it’s impossible for business decision-makers to know what to do best. It’s a major problem, costing you time and money.

Even when outsourcing to agencies, you often get bombarded with jargon and talk of “likes”. Who gives a sh*t about likes? You want leads and sales, not likes, right?

Do you know what “likes” stands for?

Lazy Icons Keeping Everyone Stuck.

The good news is, the Codebreak crew has another PDF for you called The 7.5 Things Most Businesses Get Wrong With Their Facebook. It’s one meaty document of 13,500 words, which gets to the nitty-gritty of the Facebook truth.

Beacuse whether you like Facebook or not, whether you think your audience is on Facebook or not, the platform WILL generate leads/sales for you… if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t listen to the armchair experts, who simply knock Facebook because they’re the big boy on the block. Follow the facts. More of your potential new customers are in the Facebook family (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp) than anywhere else.

Facebook’s numbers are still growing.

Their ad revenues are still growing.

And, if you want more leads/sales, you NEED to be a part of it.

Co-founders of Codebreak, Andy and Joel, were there at the beginning of Facebook, so you’re in safe hands. They watched, listened, learned and implemented. Some things they learned the hard way, they’re not afraid to admit. But we’d like to save you this pain.

And it is painful. Who wants to waste time and/or money? Lots of LOLs off your friends but no enquiries. Lots of Facebook Ad reach but no sales. Ouch.

Although it’s great you’ve downloaded our free LinkedIn guide, and you’ll get lots out of it, we know that most forward-thinking business decision-makers are always hungry to learn more.

If that’s you, the next logical step is to invest a mere £4.99 for the Facebook guide that could change your business and get your competitors wondering how the hell you’re doing it.