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There are all sorts of Shopify hacks floating around. And it’s impossible for business decision-makers to know what to do best. It’s a major problem, costing you time and money. Even when outsourcing to agencies, you get bombarded with e-commerce jargon when all you want is MORE SALES.

The good news is, our 6 Secrets guide gets to the nitty-gritty of the Shopify truth. It dispels the myths and BS and gives you tried-and-tested solutions. Copywriting tips, Facebook Ads, upsells… stuff that we’ve actioned for clients in the real world, not just talked about from the safety of the stage.

For example, we recently took £2,000 for a Shopify client and turned it into £13,900 of directly accountable sales.

We’ve been here since the beginning of e-commerce, you see. Joel and Andy’s grey hairs attest to that. We’ve watched, listened and learned. Some things we learned the hard way, we’re not afraid to admit. But we’d like to save you this pain… and time and money.

Our guys continue to learn too. E-commerce is a fast-moving landscape and we won’t have our clients get left behind. We’re not in the habit of sharing out-of-date advice; the six words that will ruin any business are, “We’ve always done it this way.”

Although it’s great that you’ve downloaded our free guide, and you’ll get lots out of it, we know that most proactive Shopify business owners don’t want advice. They want to get more sales in NOW.

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“Working with Andy and Joel at Codebreak absolutely transformed our business’ Facebook. Proven ideas that make sense and are followed through on. Would highly recommend.”

Ben Jones – Mullocks Auctioneers


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