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Should You Hire a Marketer or Do It Yourself?

by | Aug 21, 2020

I’ll cut straight to the chase here, you don’t need a qualification to be a marketer. If you need legal advice, you’d go to a solicitor. You wouldn’t ask John down the pub. Same for accountancy. Or if you were ill, you certainly wouldn’t ask John.

But when it comes to your marketing, some business owners wouldn’t hesitate to ask John and unfortunately, John would be more than happy to share his views.

So, yes, it is tempting to do your marketing yourself. To be honest, some business owners are great at it because they invest in learning and continue to do so. However, doing it yourself could also be your downfall…

Are you a commitaphobe when it comes to your marketing?

Marketing is a fast-moving industry. What worked on Facebook six months ago might not be as effective now. Social media algorithms, sales funnels, email deliverability, conversion tracking, SEO, PPC, and various other three-letter acronyms are forever changing.

You have to keep up, which means making it an ongoing commitment.

If you can do that, and you have someone running your day-to-day business operations for you, go for it. Do your marketing yourself.

If you can’t make that commitment though, you either have to outsource or recruit. Each has its own benefits, but here’s why outsourcing could be the golden ticket.

How much does your time mean to you?

Any marketing agency or freelancer worth their salt will do the learning for you. They’ll be dedicating time to marketing research. They’ll be dedicating time to creating and testing engaging content, not any old content.

They’ll also be coming up with ideas, so you don’t have to. Which all takes time. 

Time is often the killer of marketing success. Or any success, to be honest. David Beckham didn’t practice free kicks when he fancied it. He was on the training field longer than anyone else at every practice. 

Jeff Bezos said: “All overnight success takes about 10 years.”

How much time do you have to spare? What do you want to do with that time? Analyse Facebook Ad results in a spreadsheet or take your family out for the day?

Marketing is all or nothing, I’m afraid. Just because you don’t need a qualification, don’t think anyone can do it whenever they can fit it in. I’ve seen too many try over the years and it’s always ended the same way. The business goes bump.

Still unsure? Ask yourself these two questions… 

Marketing is what grows and protects your business, yet a number of business owners and managers undervalue it. They just vomit all over social media instead and pray that Word Of Mouth will make them millionaires.

It won’t. It takes so much more than that. So, do you have it nailed or should you let someone else handle it?

Your answer comes down to this:

1- How much do you LOVE marketing? Not ‘how important is marketing?’ but ‘how much do you love it’?

2- How much time can you dedicate to it?

If the answer to both is lots, then do it yourself.

If the answer is “errrrr”, outsource it to an agency. Or employ someone. But you wouldn’t get any HR headaches if you outsource…!

Sales pitch over…

If you’ve decided to outsource, and want to know where to start, don’t hesitate to jump on a free Discovery Call with me, I’d love to help.

Let’s give you some time back so you can stay hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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