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Hooks, Line and Sinker!

by | May 1, 2020

Today, I’m talking all things hooks.

What do I mean by that?

Don’t worry, you haven’t stumbled upon some kind of fishing blog. Lockdown hasn’t made me take a career shift yet! (Although the thought of peace and quiet on a riverbank does sound nice…!)

I’m talking about how to capture people’s attention online. And then, of course, you capture their contact details.


Whether you are selling a service or a product, you want people’s contacts deets.

I’m assuming you’re an ethical business, so I’m not talking about stealing people’s data and spamming them till the cows come home. No one wants that. I’m talking about providing content of value and interest.

If you’re a service-based business especially, you’ll be producing a regular e-newsletter. You have a form in your website footer that says something like: ”Sign up to receive our free news and insights.”

However, the reason you won’t get many people signing up is that it’s not of clear immediate benefit to them. Why should they sign up to your news? What will they get exactly in exchange for their email address? Something right now, or at some point in the future or nothing ever?

But you can’t go into War and Peace level of detail. Sort of takes the magic out of it.


Again, people like things now, and that’s the primary focus. Give them something tangible, something of benefit straightaway. Keep your generic form on your website, sure, but you also need to shake what your business gave you.

Showcase some of your expertise in return for their email address, i.e. a transaction. That’s how to look at it. And old school handshake. You give me X and I’ll give you Y.

This is something Codebreak has been doing for a loooooong time. We give away comprehensive PDF factsheets, free of charge.

Our main one is called The 7.5 Things Most Businesses Get Wrong With Their Facebook. A good PDF is like a good blog – use themes such as top tips, how-to, etc.

People give us their name and email and they receive this PDF.

It’s a two-part PDF, totaling some 12,000 words. So, believe me, a lot of time, energy, and knowledge went in to producing it. Therefore, it’s giving people something of value… again, right now.


I’ve seen this method work time and time again for data capture, for us as well as for clients. Give away something free of charge or some kind of offer.

I don’t mean a bland, vanilla ‘10% off’. I mean a creative offer. Buy two, get a third free… Spend X, get Y free…. It’s hard to stop people from scrolling with 10%.

If you are a product, perhaps give away a free sample.

Or you have a product based on a subscription type model; every month, you send people their razor blades, skincare creams, whatever it may be. You could then give away an initial free sample but only if people commit to some kind of paid-for subscription afterwards.

But you do need some kind of offer, some kind of “sinker” to cut through all the noise. And there’s a lot of noise online.

As ever, if you’ve got anything to ask about marketing, book a free 20-minute consultation with Joel or myself. We love helping happy business owners!

Take care, stay safe and catch you later!

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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