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How to Promote Your Business

by | Jun 3, 2019

A question we are (strangely) not asked enough. Sure, people will ask us to rebrand their business, or build them a new website or even design their social media cover photos, but in terms of actually driving traffic, enquiries and ultimately sales, it is quite rare a client asks us how.

Clients approach us with all sorts of ideas for their business. Often they have a clear idea of what they want to look like or websites they’ve seen that they like. However, we always have to strip the conversation back to the overall objective.

What do you want to achieve?

More sales? Sign-ups? Awareness? You’re not approaching us because you want to look nice or you want an all singing, all dancing website. The end goal is that you want to further your business. That might be creating more sales, capturing more data or making people more aware of a campaign.

If we know your end goal, we can work backwards to construct methods to achieve it. A client we are working with currently was not happy with the website they inherited from the previous business owner. They felt it was ugly, uninspiring and didn’t represent their business. After a quick chat it was clear that the main problem was that the website didn’t generate enquiries. They had lots of ideas about what they personally liked but had taken no consideration for their audience or why the email inbox was empty.

They’d had some astronomical quotes for websites that could produce all sorts of statistical data. We persuaded them that they actually needed a simple (but stunning) website, with clear information, a clear contact form and telephone number and they needed to drive the right traffic to that point. The enquiries would come.

How do I drive enquiries?

In this case we explained that they had a good niche and a dedicated audience. We could use Facebook advertising to target people interested in their product and drive them to their new website. This would drive the initial traffic required to the website. At the same time we’d retarget any visitors to their website with a different advert. This would reinforce their message and also immediately show their users that they (literally) mean business.

In month one, a £5 a day advertising budget generated an extra 800 clicks to their website. Off these 800 clicks they generated 47 additional appointments, resulting in 23 sales with an average profit of £700 per sale.

Imagine what £20 a day budget would have done!

Breaking this down

This client spent £1795 on their new website. Their combined advertising management and budget in month one was £550. A total initial spend of £2,345. The profit on the 23 sales generated was £16,100.

Can my business do this?

Sure. The above example involves a product with a good margin and therefore an excellent ROAS (return on advertising spend). The lower your margin, the more sales you need, but (potentially) the easier the product is to sell.

We have used this model to drive business for a range of clients; chocolatiers, builders merchants, bridal boutiques, solicitors and more.

Is this the only way?

No. We have several tools and methods that we employ to drive business enquiries for our clients. We’ll discuss your objectives and agree a plan of action best suited to your business and target audience.

How can this work for my business?

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Does my business appeal to my target audience?
  2. Is it easy for my target audience to make an enquiry?
  3. Am I driving my target audience to the point of enquiry?


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