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How Do I Talk to My Target Audience?

by | Dec 6, 2019

Every business owner knows it. It is so important to identify your target audience.

Many businesses fall into the trap of trying to sell to everyone, trying to please everyone. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t please everyone, nor should you seek to, because then you won’t please anyone, least of all yourself’.

Who are they? Where do they live? What are they interested in? What are their spending habits? Etc.

So, once you’ve identified who you’re targeting how do you speak to them? How do you get in front of them?

In this blog, I’ve outlined two very different business examples and some ideas of how they could talk to their target audience. This is about playing the numbers. There will always be examples of people that don’t fit the specification, but play to the crowd, not to the outliers (unless it is the outliers you’re targeting).

Business One – An accountant looking for successful, progressive, modern-thinking business owners in South Shropshire.

What does this client avatar look like?

Business owner

Homeowner (probably detached)

Driving license holder

Aged over 30

Where can they be found?

Conferences and events

Leisure club/gym

Business networking

Local Chamber of Trade

-Social media (they’re progressive and so will embrace social and perhaps even have set up their own social)

How can you speak to them?

Sponsor conferences and events

Attend business networking

Join the local Chamber of Trade

Place adverts in South Shropshire leisure clubs

Use social media advertising to target social media page admins that are also business owners

Business Two – A dairy farm has decided to diversify into luxury ice cream which it will initially sell from their farm shop

What does this client avatar look like?

Loves ice cream

Disposable income, can afford to buy local, farm shop produce

Likes local produce

Supports local causes

Where can they be found?

In the farm shop

Reads online literature about organic produce

The local market

Community events

How can you speak to them?

Advert on the farm shop till receipts

POS in the farm shop

Social media advertising aimed at the farm shop email list

Online advertising targeted at local people who have engaged with luxury ice cream content before

Stalls at the local market, flyers etc

Sponsor local events with the ice cream branding

Once you start to break down who makes up your audience and understand their behaviour, it becomes easier to speak to them. The above examples outline a simple thinking method to get to an audience.

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