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How Long Does It Take to Build an Email List?

by | Sep 11, 2020

We get asked this question a lot. Mainly because businesses are realising how important email lists are. Your email list is a potential new client base that has signed up to receive more from you and/or existing customers who you can stay in touch with. You have a whole bunch of engaged people at your fingertips.

So, how do you build an email list? How long does it take?

Your email list is yours and only yours

 There’s a businesswoman I know whose online audience is massive. Like a quarter of a million massive. She’s cool, divisive and switched-on. Now, recently, her Instagram engagements have gone from about 5,000 to 800. Overnight. Nothing she’s done wrong or differently.

As wonderful as social media is, it is owned by someone else. This is VITAL to remember.

Here at Codebreak, we love Facebook, Insta and Linky Dink in particular and use them to great effect for clients. But we are always aware that Facebook and Microsoft can do whatever the hell they want. So, we need to use the platforms, but we also need to do what we can to take CONTROL.

An email list will always be in your hands and your hands alone. That’s why it’s such a good thing. Build up your social media audience, of course, but please don’t neglect your email list. Proactively build it up and communicate with it. I’ll talk about the hows of mass email communication in more detail in a future episode.

How long it takes to build an email list depends on these two things…

How long will it take? How long is a piece of string? That’s the honest answer. It will come down to two things:

– How much ad budget, if any, do you want to put behind growing your email list?

– Are you giving anything away to encourage people to sign up to your list?

We always have a £1 a day Facebook Ad running with the goal of asking more people to join our Marketing Monday email list. It’s there, chugging away in the background, targeting UK business decision-makers.

If we upped that to £5 a day, we’d get more email subscribers. If we stopped the ad, we’d get fewer subscribers. Simple. It comes down to your priorities.

For ourselves and some of our clients, we’ll design a lead magnet to encourage people to join an email list. A freebie or discount. Like a free PDF or money off your first order. Whatever, it has to be compelling.

If you simply have a form on your website that says “sign up to our newsletter”, don’t be surprised if the numbers don’t flood in.

An email list offers an extra layer of protection for your business!

Ideally, a small to medium-sized business wants at least 1,000 customers and prospects on their email list. You want to be sharing content with them, which will educate, inspire or entertain.

If you’re going to sell via email, make sure you segregate the list, so your sales email only goes out to prospects. If you want to upsell to existing customers, that’s fine but don’t make every email a sell.

Of course, most businesses would be seriously affected if social media simply switched off tomorrow. Let’s not play down how important it is. But having a big, clean email list will offer a layer of protection as well as another income/enquiry stream. You’ve just got to look after it.

You can also use your email list to create a lookalike audience to target with Facebook Ads. Hey, that’s another blog right there!

Want to know more about building a successful email list? Book a Discovery Call with me or Joel today. I’d love to help.

Take care and Stay Hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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