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How Much Content Should You Give Away for Free?

by | Sep 25, 2020

It’s good to give. In life and, yes, in business. Gary V pretty much says you should give before you receive, and he knows his stuff. If you’re constantly trying to sell your stuff all the time, people will switch off.

You know the type. All they do on social media is pitch. All they do at networking is corner you and give you the hard sell.

The best hook for grabbing people’s attention in business is by giving stuff away, not hard selling. Share your expertise free of charge via social media posts, blogs, videos and so on. Again, this will get you noticed but it will also get you noticed as an expert in your field, not just another business owner.

Why you SHOULD be giving away free content!

Basically, giving away insightful content gets you remembered.

That way, when someone does need your type of product or service, yours is a name that pops into their head. When your salesperson is out doing their stuff, your marketing makes the closing easier.

But how long should you carry on giving away free content?

The answer is FOREVER.

The best way to give away your content for free

Whilst I recommend you should always be giving away free content, it’s the channels you use to do this that will probably change. Because not all of them will work.

Videos may not work for you, but they will for others. Codebreak’s podcast pretty much did nothing for six months, then it started snowballing. We now have over 2,500 listeners. Yet there’ll be business owners who gave up on video too early. People who gave up on podcasting too early.

So my second recommendation is to test different types of channels… for one year. Yup, a year. And in that year, you test and measure.

Don’t do two printed newsletters then give up because no one called. Don’t blog for three months then moan that blogging’s a waste of time because no one bought off you. You want a sale there and then? Hire a salesperson.

The key is to help people and get them to like you… over time comes trust and then sales… either direct or through referrals.

This isn’t a quick fix, but neither is marketing. It’s about building relationships and belief in you. There are a lot of sharks out there, as you know, and you – to be blunt – need to prove yourself. You’re trustworthy. You know your stuff. You’re not a fly-by-night. The insights that you share will lead to sales and compliment whatever other marketing and sales work you’re doing… if you stick at it.

If you want help showcasing your expertise to grow your reputation, feel free to book a 20-minute Q&A with me.

Stay safe. Stay hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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