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How Often Should You Email Your List?

by | Sep 30, 2020

It’s the age-old question. And an important one. You probably get spammed every day and it’s annoying.

You may be super precious over your inbox. But there’s definitely a concern that if you send too many emails, you’ll get thought of as a spammer. 

Now, if you’re sending out ‘hard sell’ emails all the time, ones that simply scream, “BUY MY STUFF!”… then “BUY MORE OF MY STUFF!”, you will indeed rub people up the wrong way.

So I’m talking about sending emails of value. Emails that share your expertise. Make the odd cheeky sell or offer a discount, ask for a referral, etc. But the bulk of your emails are your free tips and insights into your industry. It is you helping people.

You give, and that will come back to you.

But how much is too much when it comes to email marketing?

 This doesn’t mean you can email people five times a day. But if you’re talking once a month, you run the risk of falling into the “Who the hell are these guys?” camp. 

People may not remember who you are because it’s been a month since your last email. There’s a lot of clutter to fight through. 

Basically, it’s a balancing act.

According to a 2019 study by Campaign Monitor, the sweet spot is sending emails on a fortnightly basis. One email every two weeks. 

I’ll push that a bit as, in my experience, if you’re sharing emails of value you should consider sending an email once a week. If you’re feeling brave, more often, even daily, but that’s hardcore and not for most people. Plus, not many business owners can think of enough engaging content to send out on a daily basis. And they end up sending wishy-washy emails.

How to know what’s right for your business?

“But I’m an e-commerce business, Andy!” you cry. In that case, fair enough, you’re probably not interested in sharing your industry insights. Let’s say you sell shampoo. What are you supposed to do? Regale your database with interesting facts about hair care? Amusing anti-dandruff advice? No. You simply want to shift more products.

Therefore, your emails will – by their very nature – be more sales-based. My advice here is to resonate on an informal level. Inject fun into the proceedings. Be personal. Use gifs. Do what your competitors don’t. Your recipients might not buy this time or the next time but you’ll reduce the risk of p*ssing them off and therefore increase the chances of them buying at some point.

And I’d still say once a week would be a good frequency. Maybe more to start with, when someone first enters your funnel.

How does that sound? Once a week? Would you be cool with that or is it so far out of your comfort zone you’ll be having cold sweats? 

Because you will get unsubscribes. But that’s OK.

In fact, it’s better than OK. If you have the content and tone of your emails right, if someone unsubscribes, they were never going to buy off you anyway. They’re cleaning your database for you. You should be thanking them. 

Email is a great tool. But it’s still just a tool. It can be used to enhance your marketing or spoil it. Don’t be like all those businesses that never emailed their database but then lockdown happened, and they suddenly started sending sales/begging emails once a day. 

If you’d like to chat email marketing, book a Discovery Call with me. I’d love to help.

Stay safe, Stay Hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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