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How to Build a Sense of Community With Your Brand

by | Sep 25, 2020

Community is so important within your brand.

For starters, it can boost retention for the clients that you currently have. It can also bring in new clients, and provide more to your existing ones.

But how do you build that community?

The strength that comes with community

Community fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity. It helps you build connections with the clients you’re working with.

With clients, it shouldn’t just be sell, sell, sell. It’s about always looking for ways to help, problem solve, genuinely care about their goals.

It could be talking to them about industry news, sharing ideas that have worked for other clients, or an opportunity you think they should consider.

It’s also great to position your brand as a knowledge leader.

If you’re seen as the business that is bringing new insights about new tools that are available, that’s a strong position to be in.

If you are the knowledge leader in your industry, people are going to come to you.

New clients are going to want to work with you. And existing clients aren’t going to want to lose you. As it’s not just your service or product they’re losing, it’s your insight and knowledge too. It’s all part of the inclusivity. They are part of the club.

How do you foster this sense of community?

It’s all about mindset.

Are you talking about the benefits of being part of your community from the start? Is this part of your client’s experience from the get go? From the first enquiry to the actual sale?

Are you providing tools? What tools are you using to do it?

Have you got a Facebook group where you’re providing information? Or doing regular Facebook lives? Do you encourage questions, discussion, team work?

Actively supporting and going after your client’s goals is valuable for everyone. It’s valuable for you. And it’s valuable for your clients.

Another tool you have at your disposal is your team.

Your employees can be part of your community too. This will boost team morale whilst meaning your clients receive further insight from your team.

In turn, this will be valuable for your team because they’ll be building this relationship with their clients. Making conversations easier. More casual. Opening the window to talk future plans, upgrade options, other ways you can help etc.

And it will be a much nicer environment for everybody.

It all comes down to relationships and this sense of overarching community.

Tools you can use to boost your business community

I’ve touched on Facebook groups and Facebook lives. Zoom calls and Facebook events work well too.

You could have an exclusive Zoom call event, that provides extra information or benefits to clients that they can’t find anywhere else.

If you did this regularly, that’s a really good tool.

So, if you’re interested in building a community with your brand, please get in touch with us. We’d love to talk to you. Book in a Discovery Call and we’ll have a chat.

Stay safe and Stay Hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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