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How to Capture the Right Attention Online

by | Nov 26, 2020

With everything going on in the world, online is the place to be now more than ever. 

No matter what you do, or how you do it, you need to be online. Building your brand awareness, encouraging engagement within your community and target audience and keeping people’s attention!

That being said, lots of people have suddenly flooded the online space… and not everyone is doing it well.  

Do you want to build your online presence and keep your business rolling with the Fight Club style punches of 2020?

If so, I’ve got the hacks you need to capture attention online! The right way!

1 – Post regularly and with purpose – Your organic content should complement the work you’re doing in the background (more on that to come). So make sure your business page looks like it’s used and used well.  

Each post should inspire, educate or entertain your target audience. Not sure who your target audience is? We can help with that. 

2 – Interact – Don’t expect support if you aren’t dishing any out. Engage with other local businesses, respond to comment on your posts, post in relevant Facebook groups. Be a supportive knowledge leader in your industry. 

3 – Keep communicating – Things are obviously different at the moment but people understand that, so keep in touch to let them know how you’re adapting and what they should expect. Then, when you can operate fully, you don’t look like you’re trying to claw it back – you’ve nurtured the relationship throughout. Do this through social media posting, email marketing, ads and PR, etc. 

4 – Market whilst you sleep with the right Facebook ads – Lastly, and most importantly, get your ads right. Whether it’s awareness, conversion, dynamic, retargeting… keep yourself out there! This is the best way to be seen by your target audience.


To summarise, you don’t have to follow the rules of Fight Club. The first rule of being online is you always talk about being online. Don’t think of yourself as a nuisance or a pesky attention seeker. In fact, be as PESKY as possible – that is…


Post regular, relevant content to complement your Facebook ads

Email market and do it well

Support others if you want support

Keep in touch

Yield long-term success


To find out more about attracting the right attention online, and how to do it best for your business, book a Discovery Call with us today, we’d love to help! 

Stay safe, stay pesky and stay hungry.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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