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How To Create Company Videos

by | Jul 8, 2019

Are you leveraging the power of video in your business? Your online content paints a picture of your business, and indeed pictures, i.e. photos, can work well. Show off the people behind your business rather than stock imagery that all your competitors will be using.

But, at the moment, video content is the hottest property. Video marketing offers businesses a chance to share their brand message and personality in a format that encourages engagement.

There are lots of ways that your business could incorporate videos into your content plan. A great way to start is to produce a regular vlog, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. A vlog is typically a single camera video that features one person talking to the viewer. Andy and I do this with our Marketing Cracked series. It is the quickest way of making lots of people familiar with the faces behind your business, in turn enabling relationship building.

Don’t get me wrong, you could decide to spend thousands with a professional videography company. In fact, that could be right for you. But if you’re considering simple and affordable vlogs, we have some handy tips for you.

Planning your company video

If you want to give vlogging a proper go, the first thing you need is a cunning plan. But work on the premise that your videos are short. You don’t need to produce War and Peace. That’s important to know. If you’re going to push your videos through social media, short snappy ones will outperform longer, more in-depth ones. If your videos are one minute or shorter, you can get them onto Instagram too, if that’s applicable to your business.

Decide what you want to say. There are plenty of options when it comes to scripting. To find out what works for you, experiment! Some people prefer to have bullet points in front of them, others a full script and an autocue. My concern with the latter is that you may come across more robotic-like. People will like the natural you.

Always make sure that the content you’re sharing with your audience is relevant and valuable – people just won’t be interested otherwise. What subjects can you talk about? What can you clarify or advise on? You are sharing your knowledge free of charge rather than selling.



Let’s reiterate that you don’t need super expensive equipment to make a good video (We’ve shared advice on filming on mobiles previously). But there are a few key elements you need for your setup to produce professional-looking videos. Let’s face it – no one wants to look rubbish in this HD age.

– Lighting:
The lighting in your video is as important as the camera itself. Adding even basic lighting to your kit will make your projects seem ten times more professional. You can buy a good LED stand light for £50.

– Audio:
If you want people to enjoy listening to what you have to say, a poor-quality microphone will not cut the mustard, especially if there is noise going on in the background. There are plenty of mid-range mics that you can use for great quality sound, which you simply plug into your phone. There are also a few tricks you can do in post-production to tidy up a messy recording. Adding quiet background music can mask unwanted hisses and hums on your audio.

– The Phone:
Yes, we film most of our internal videos on a phone. We use an iPhone X or iPhone XS. The camera quality is excellent. We do film client videos on a digital SLR but if we’re talking ‘you in a room’, a modern smartphone will do the job nicely.

Shooting and editing

When shooting a static video, use a tripod if you can. A shaky camera will be noticeable and make your video look low budget. If you’re not keen on buying a tripod, whoever’s doing the filming should pin their elbows to their sides, which will help alleviate any shaking.

If it’s a video where you need to be moving about, such a tour of your premises, you need a gimbal. There are all kinds of cool and relatively affordable gimbals on the market now. Someone can film you or you can film selfie style. Using a regular selfie stick ain’t gonna cut it!

Good framing is a crucial element, as is making sure that the shot is straight and ensuring there’s not too much empty space. The subject should fill a third of the frame.

Film landscape, not portrait.

Your video set

Have you thought about the setting of your video? Is there lots of mess in the background? Is there sensitive client information on the whiteboard behind you?

Even when you’re using a mic, it’s good to keep background noise to a minimum if possible. If you are extolling the virtues of your industry when death metal’s audible in the background, you’ll be losing out.

What about the person on camera? Is their appearance and demanour professionally representing your business? Unfortunately, if they are really quiet and perhaps mumble, they may need some voice coaching. Clear and confident is the way forward, as you want to gain people’s trust. Perception is reality. Not brash or arrogant, unless that is your persona and how you conduct business.

Video editing software

There is plenty of choice when it comes to video editing software, some of which can be expensive. Fortunately, for most projects, there are affordable options that should provide you with everything you need to piece together a simple video. If you use Macs in your office, iMovie could be just the ticket.

Intro and outro slides, adding captions… there are lots you can do, little things that help you stand out against any ‘point and click’ competitors.

Again, video is an excellent choice for a brand. Like anything, it won’t be for everyone. It can help you connect with customers and potential customers and communicate your values. Keep it on-brand, make it look good – the quality of your online content reflects your business as a whole.

Are you ready to get your first video planned? Codebreak can offer more top tips!

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