How To Get Word Of Mouth Working For You

by | Dec 13, 2021

Do you know someone who just lets sh*t happen to them?

Nothing’s ever their fault.

The world owes them a living.

They think things will change somehow by inaction.

I see this happen in business with the famous Word of Mouth…. It’s the best form of advertising but it’s also the worst.

Why? Because some business owners expect word of mouth to magically happen rather than making it happen then using it to market their business. A new customer comes onboard and the business owner hopes the word of mouth fairy goes and sprinkles fairy dust over them.

“Oh, I must stop cooking tea for the kids and go review that new supplier,” says the customer.

“Oh, I must forget booking that long overdue family holiday and go review that new supplier.”

Etc, etc.

Doesn’t happen. No matter how lovely you are, they have bigger priorities.

It’s much smarter for YOU to be in control rather than putting your livelihood in other people’s hands.

Some businesses purely rely on word of mouth, which is even scarier.

Here are three ways to best leverage word of mouth

1) Use email to drive the right people to the right place to leave you a review on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, whatever.

This is a lot different to asking someone to go leave you a review. Where? How? If you don’t lay it out for them, the chances of it happening plummet.

ALWAYS make it easy.

Maybe offer them an incentive to refer you to their friends too. As long as you’ve sold to someone nice who you want to help, their friends are likely to be like them, hence partly pre-qualified.

Place the emphasis on Google. Google Reviews are an essential part of your Google My Business listing, which is your free Search Engine Optimization tool.

If you haven’t set up your GMB listing, consider making it a priority.

Then keep it up to date. Like with any marketing, you can’t just leave it to run untouched for a year. The Yellow Pages approach stopped working eons ago.

2) If you can, show them the kind of review that would help you the best.

Someone saying you’re professional and friendly won’t pass the “I should bl*ody hope so” test.

What pain were they in before, what did you provide to help and how are they feeling now.

That’s the ideal scenario because it gives the reader context.

3) Use these reviews in your social media output and on your website. If your customer testimonials are harder to find than a millionaire in Poundland, you’re in trouble.

What a customer says about you is a 100 times more powerful than what you say about yourself. But the results only come when that feedback can be seen.

The reviews you promote should be a mixture of weblinks, screenshots and branded images. Variety is the spice of life.

There you have it, amigo. The short version of how to get reviews selling for you rather than just looking pretty.

If you’d like to know more about making reviews a part of your marketing system, arrange a free Discovery Call.

Have an awesome week, and I wish you continued success. 

Until next time, stay hungry.

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