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How to Guarantee Engagement With Your Marketing!

by | Sep 30, 2020

Rough isn’t it? When you absolutely nail that Facebook post and then… nothing, zilch, nada!

And worst still, you’ve really shared some valuable stuff. You’re giving away your expertise for free and nobody cares.

Well, the good news is, there are ways to guarantee engagement. Ways you can convince people to like, click, even read!

Now, let’s get one thing straight. By “engagement” I don’t mean your best mates and your Mum liking your posts. Or Sheila from accounts sharing it across her less than politically correct Facebook feed.

I mean legitimate, valuable engagement. Decision makers clicking on your links and people asking questions. Content that resonates with your target audience. And perhaps, if you’re brave enough, content that puts off the wrong sort of people.

How to guarantee engagement with your marketing.

Here’s my top tips to ensuring your content engages the right people…

– Focus on “why” you’re creating that content – Who is it for? How will it help them? And why should they care? What’s the problem you’re solving for them? What’s the problem they don’t even know they have?

– Make it obvious – Once you know that “why”, compound it. Pressurise it. Make it so obvious and clear that they can’t help but realise they have that need.

– Demonstrate that you have the solutions to that need – Again, make it obvious. It should almost seem unbelievable that you’d give this information away.

– Brand it up! – Your logo, your colours, your fonts, your team, and your premises should all be visible. If the viewer doesn’t relate all this useful content with your business, then essentially, you’ve just given it away.

– Make it as simple as possible – Easy to read, short sentences and easy to look at.

– Don’t just post it once – Post variables, post on different platforms, sometimes link to more information, sometimes include video, and sometimes link to your own website.

There you have it. The secret to engaging content. Now the trick is to stop looking at your business like the business owner and start looking at it like a potential customer.

Want some help with that? Book a free marketing Q&A with me. I’d love to help you find the engaging content hidden within your business.

Stay safe and Stay Hungry!

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