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How To Improve Your Email Open Rates

by | Jul 2, 2019

Most businesses stay in touch with their customers and prospects. It could be the good, old fashioned phone but more often than that it is via email marketing. Not bland or sales-focused emails, but emails that have value.

We all know how full our email inboxes can get. Some of the stuff sitting there is of no interest to you at all, of course. ‘BUY MY STUFF’ emails, spam, the people who connected with you on LinkedIn literally five minutes ago…. Some we won’t open, maybe even those newsletters we subscribe to.

There is a lot of noise in your inbox.

Emails need eyes

How do you get your e-newsletters opened? That’s the burning question. Let’s presume your content is cool and relevant. But unless it gets read, what’s the point?

The average email open rate across all industries is 20.81%. That may seem low, but if you’re monitoring your email stats, you’ll realise that is pretty good! [Source: convinceandconvert.com]

We thought we’d share our top tips for you. We send a lot of emails for a lot of clients, so have picked up a thing or two.

Email Marketing

Top email marketing headline tips

– Get rid of the word ‘newsletter’ in the title
“Our latest newsletter” is unlikely to excite your readers…

– Can the title offer something of value?
e.g. ‘How to get an extra hour in the day?’, ‘Top tips for saving money on holiday’ etc…

– Be controversial
Not simply for controversy’s sake but stating an opinion that may fly in the face of the majority will increase those open rates. Just ensure you back your argument solidly!

– Be topical
We all want to be seen as experts in our field, so if you can comment on something hot in your industry, do it! “How Andy Murray won Wimbledon’ – perfect if you work in Sports or Motivation. As long as Wimbledon is current of course. The effect would be less if Wimbledon was two months ago!

– Separate your recipients when necessary
There is no point sending men an email entitled ‘How to lose a dress size in one week!’

Ways to avoid spam headlines

– Avoid ALL CAPS in your email headlines
You may want to stress a point, but it will also shout a big ‘hello’ to those Spam filters.

– Don’t use punctuation
If you stay away from exclamation marks and question marks, your email headlines will have a better chance of getting through. Hyphens are OK to use.

– ‘Free’ is bad
Words such as free, discount or special offer will easily get flagged

– Stay away from numbers, symbols and currency
If your email headline heads towards ‘Fantastic 40” TV just £299’ then you’re in trouble.

– Watch those typos….
Spelling mistakes happen. We get that. But they shouldn’t appear in email headlines. Not only will it highlight to potential customers that your work isn’t being checked, spam filters don’t like it.

– Keep it short and simple
50 characters and below is good. That works for Facebook Ad copy too, by the way.

– Avoid being too personal
Although this is good stuff for the content within the body of the email, being too familiar in the headline can trigger an alert, e.g. ‘Hi, how are you today?’

If you are not yet emailing but are tempted, first mull over whether it is a platform for your business. Might another vehicle suit your purposes better? It could be a Facebook Group, for example. Keeping people engaged via email marketing is becoming harder, we’ll be honest about that. But then it is free (depending on how many subscribers you have) and accountable.

As ever, if you’d like to know more, er, send us an email! Or go old school and call 01743 491356.


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