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How to Market Your Business With Authenticity

by | Jan 17, 2020

Are you a basic business owner?

We know what you’re doing can help people. We know there is a market for it. We know what services you offer and that you’re partial to the occasional gif. If that’s all we know, then chances are, you are a basic business owner.

Any business can showcase a helpful service. Any business can talk about their values and why their work is important. But no one can do it like you can.

This is why authenticity is the key to growing your business. The very best part about your business is you. We’re not trying to boost your ego here, we’re serious. No one has your voice, your reasoning, your why. Embrace that.

Just be yourself…

So, it should be really easy for a business or sole trader to be authentic. It’s as simple as, does it feel right? Does it fit with your values? Do you agree with what you’re saying?

However, there’s that many companies out there trying to invent stories, come up with their own values or pretend that they’re helping you, without actually doing it from an authentic place.

It’s not real. It’s not authentic, and people can sniff that out.

Talk the talk

You need to be better than that. Tell your real story.

For example, the story of Codebreak is, I’m Joel. I used to run a design agency called Squeak. My business partner used to run a marketing entity called Key3Media, and we worked together so closely for so many years that we felt we were better as a pair than we were individually, and we merged to form Codebreak.

That’s our real story.

We like helping people. That’s why we do what we do.

We can see that we’re better at helping people as a team than we were individually, and that’s how it happened.

It’s simple. It’s us. It’s authentic. We’re not trying to be anything else. We’re just being Codebreak and that works.

Shake what your business gave you

Your company values are your best asset. It’s time to put them in the spotlight, but from a real position. For example, one of our company values is to be confident, but humble.

I’m confident enough to get in front of the camera. I’ll get on a podcast. I’ll go and see a client, and tell them what I think they should do with their marketing strategy, but equally, if something doesn’t quite work out, or something doesn’t go as I predicted, I’d be humble enough to accept that and say, “Look, that didn’t quite work out, but I think I know why,”.

If you show you are true to your values, people will respect that. It’s something customers can trust and believe in. That’s why your values really have to be rooted in what your business is doing and what’s important to you.

Now it’s time to walk the walk

To truly be authentic, you need to actually help people. We regularly put out free videos. We do blogs. We do podcasts.

Everything we do is about touching base with people, providing information that they can actually use to help them.

We want to feed into their goals and show them what we’re made of, why we’re different and how we can help. Delivering on what you say, proves your authenticity whilst promoting your worth to your customers.

If you are thinking about being authentic with anything you’re doing, whether it be values, or your next marketing campaign, really think about where it’s coming from.

If you want some help unlocking that and getting your authenticity across, book a discovery call with me today. You’re too good for basic.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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