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When in Rome, You Must Do as The Copywriters Do…

by | May 7, 2020

Today’s blog is all about how to write a killer blog post.


Just kidding, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Now I know you’re probably getting bombarded by every marketer in the land telling you you need to blog at the moment.

But you’re not a copywriter. What the hell do you write about? And, more importantly, what the hell is a blog?

So, think of any article online, where it’s probably between 400 and 800 words. Opinion pieces, tips and advice, that kind of thing.That’s a blog. And if you’re an expert in your industry, you’re in a great position to get a blog out like that, and that’s a key advantage to you right now.

So, yep, marketers are telling you, and so am I. The difference is though, I’m going to give you eight easy steps you can follow to make it happen!

What makes a good blog post?

Well, it’s got to be engaging, so you’ve either got to inform, educate, or entertain.
Those are the three key things.

Either be funny, quirky, offer some insight, educate people on something they don’t know about, or inform people in a way that makes them want to inquire further.

And how do you write one, you ask? Here’s eight easy to follow tips to make you a blogging badass…

Number one: Who are you talking to?

Think about your reader avatar. This might not be quite the same as your customer avatar.
So, think about who they are, what they do, where they live, where they might be reading from, be it a phone, a laptop, a tablet, all those kinds of things, and just really factor in the person that you’re talking to as such.

Number two: Get your hot topic!

Choose a topic that will resonate with them. At the moment, I, along with lots of other marketers, have been advising that people blog more, do more videos, start a podcast, etc. So, great topics for those people, would be helping them with how to do it. Simple.

Number three: Create a foolproof outline for that blog.

Think about your intro, think about the middle, think about the end.

Now, the intro should really lead people into the blog; it should be “What’s the problem you’re solving for them?”, or “What are you about to tell them?”, or “What have you done that you’re about to go over?”.

The middle should be the kind of nuts and bolts of it. What it is that you want them to do, what it is that you think will help them, what it is that you’ve seen that you’re now reviewing.

Then the end should remind them of the problem that you served and how you’ve solved it, or a situation that you’ve seen and what your thoughts were on it.

The very end of the blog should have a call to action. Either how they can read more about it, can get in touch with you, or can navigate to the services on your website that may or may not go into more depth about that, that kind of thing.

Number four: Pad out your awesome foolproof outline

Think of famous quotes, stats, testimonials or any case studies that you can use to pad out the gaps, to get your word count up, and also to give credibility to what you’re saying.

Number five: Proofread, proofread it again and then maybe five more times….

Make the edits you need to make, and then proofread it again. Then maybe one more time…

So many blogs go out with errors in, almost to the point where sometimes they don’t make sense, so just give it at least a couple of goings over. It will help, and you’ll just be in a better position with your blog.

Nobody’s perfect. Plenty of stuff goes out with a few errors in, but it’s just getting the fundamentals right.

Number six: A picture is worth a thousand words

The image you use for your blog is often called a featured image, and it’s the image that search engines pull through in relation to the article.

So, make sure it’s impactful and relevant to your blog and kind of attracts the right audience, like we were saying before.

Number seven: Share your masterpiece

Publish your blog and then link to it from other platforms; the popular platforms related to your business. These could be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, although you’ll have to link from the bio there.

You could also contact people, asking them to link to it, and get backlinks from credible sources, that kind of thing.

Number eight: Put your money where your blog is

You could put some budget behind your blog, you could use paid advertising to drive more traffic to that blog. You could also put your blog out on other platforms, third-party platforms, that help get the message out that little bit more.


That’s really how you do it. Follow these steps, steps one through eight, and I’m sure you’ll have a blog worth reading.

Want to know more about blogs? Get in touch with me or my business partner, Andy.

We’re currently offering 20-minute free consultations whilst we’re all in lockdown. You can book those through our Calendly.

All right, take care now and happy blogging!

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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