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If Your Marketing Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

by | May 18, 2022

I love my car.

But will I get the same make & model next time?


Maybe not.

There are five things I love about my car. In no particular order, they are:

– It’s fast
– It’s pretty economical
– It’s comfortable
– It’s got the right gadgets

– It looks good

Here’s my point – there are other cars that do those five things!

So the only reason I might swap it is simple – BOREDOM.

Even though it does what I want it to do well, I may get bored and try something else. 

And it’s the same with marketing!

I have seen many a business owner stop a form of marketing that’s working brilliantly for them, i.e. generating a significant Return On Investment, yet they stop it to try something new and fancy.

You might think I’m talking b*llocks, but I promise you it happens.

One business owner was generating £2000 for every £70 they spent on Facebook Ads. And guess what? They’re knocking Facebook Ads on the head!!! They’re going to see what results they can get via organic social media content alone because a new member of staff is “a bit of an influencer”.


So, please, I beg you…. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

No matter how boring or old a form of marketing may seem, if it’s generating you an ROI – keep doing it until it stops giving you an ROI.

One of Codebreak’s jobs – whether we’re doing or advising – is to keep clients on the straight and narrow. As entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to get tempted by the next shiny new thing, right?!

What’s working well for you in terms of generating new business?

Equally, what isn’t working well?

If you’re unsure, simply get in touch via codebreak.co.uk! I’d love to see if we can help, no obligation.

Have an awesome week. Stay hungry.

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