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If You’re Telling, You’re Not Selling

by | Nov 29, 2021

I’m a fan of the Whoop strap. Sounds a bit kinky but it’s not, I assure you. 

It’s a wearable health tracker that gives you info on calorie burn, recovery rate and sleep quality. 

They first marketed to me via an ad, then ad retargeting. Smart stuff, which most businesses will be doing by now. (If you’re not, get in touch!)

But it was their following emails that got me over the line. Their emails talked about the benefits of knowing when to exercise, how hard to push it and when to take it easy. They also contained social proof, such as the numerous sports teams that now use Whoop.

HIf you’ve been following Codebreak for a while, you’ll know we’re mahoosive fans of email marketing. Ads and social media are great but, as the recent Facebook outage reminded us all, you can’t put all your eggs in someone else’s basket.

BUT… a mistake lots of business owners make is they use email to explain how their products or services work. It would be like Whoop using email to tell me what buttons you press in the app.

Nay, nay and thrice nay.

Remember this mantra:


Don’t Miss Out On a Sale

You’ll see a higher rate of conversion if you use email to communicate the OUTCOMES of what you do. 

You sign up to a gym because you want to lose weight or get strong. That’s what a gym should be selling.

If they start explaining why their treadmills are the best because of how they set the calibration and responsiveness of the running belts… SALE LOST.

​​They may get excited about calibration and responsiveness because it’s their business… but their potential new customers won’t. They just want to feel happier on the beach.  

So if you find yourself using email (or indeed the phone) to explain to a prospect how you do something, stop. That info should already be at their disposal, via FAQs on your website, a PDF, brochure in the post, etc.

It’s more effective for people to be able to digest details in their own time. If someone still need details explaining over email or the phone, that means two things, I’m afraid:

  1.  Your sales collateral ain’t clear enough


2. That person is likely to be a pain in the a*se

You’ll enjoy more sales by marketing the RESULTS.

It will take you less time too.

And time is the currency of life.

Until next time, Stay Hungry.

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