The Difference Between Impact and Just Being Noisy

by | Apr 9, 2021

Every business wants their next campaign to go viral. Every business wants to get social media bang for their buck. And every business wants to see a return on their time and money invested.

So why is it that so many businesses get it wrong?

Take this last weekend. It was Easter weekend. A widely celebrated holiday for the UK. And a great opportunity for SOME businesses to share a unique message.

There are the obvious ones… Christian groups and churches, chocolatiers and confectioners, and egg companies. But Easter is often seen as an opportunity for lots of businesses to “post a message”.

What’s the point?

Now don’t get us wrong, wishing people a ‘Happy Easter’ is a good enough reason to post by itself. An authentic message. So, in that case, if it’s a video from the CEO or senior manager of your firm, to express goodwill to all, we are not aiming this blog at you.

However, if you’re one of those companies, or you know a company that simply posted a picture of a decorated egg or some bunny ears this weekend, then you need to give your head a wobble.

What’s the quickest way to blend in with the crowd? Do what everyone else is doing.

What’s the fastest way to show your audience you can’t be bothered? Do what everyone else is doing.

Now that might come as a shock to you or feel like a direct attack. It isn’t. It’s the reality of the situation.

Authenticity on social media

Why does a company post on social media?

Usually to convey an authentic message in line with their values. That could be marketing, it might be audience engagement, or it could simply be because it’s a nice thing to do.

Don’t risk looking inauthentic by copying what everyone else does. Especially because you know that you’re coming from a heartfelt place.

This is the same for any campaign or message you’re trying to convey. Copying others or making a statement that you can’t back up (or appear not to be able to) is just being noisy.

To get true impact your message must resonate with your audience and be memorable.

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