How to Bite the Bullet With Your Marketing

by | May 22, 2020

Today is all about imperfect action. It’s easy to get in your own way when it comes to moving forward with your business. It’s not intentional, it’s simply imperfect.

Imperfect action.

‘Imperfect action will always beat perfect inaction.’

I’ve talked about this before, but sometimes watching a video, reading a blog, listening to a podcast or attending a business expo isn’t about learning new stuff. It’s about being reminded of old stuff.

Awesome things that you were taught a long time ago, but suddenly you think, “Oh, blimey, I’d totally forgotten about that. And it’s affecting my business!”

Imperfect action is such an important subject if you want to progress, I wanted to discuss it again.

How to spot the imperfections…

I’m talking about the sales letter that is 99% there but is still stuck in your drawer. The blog you’ve been writing that is 99% there but is still stuck in your drafts folder.

Imperfect action will beat perfect inaction. It’s better to get that sales letter out there, targeting the people in your database, than leaving it in your drawer for another few weeks. Maybe you will get onto that remaining 1% tomorrow. Or the day after. Next week? Or never…?

Just like that blog you’ve been meaning to write; you finally get around to writing it, you’ve edited it and it’s 99% there, yet it’s still sitting in your drafts folder. It’s not published on your website. It’s not ranking with Google and it’s not being pushed out from your social media.

I’m not saying settle!

I’m certainly not saying good is good enough. I hate that phrase. Good implies average. It implies OK. It implies doing the bare minimum.

But when something is 99% there, that is certainly more than good enough to get out.

You may get the occasional smart alec contact you saying, “I got your sales letter. Did you know there’s an apostrophe in the wrong place?” Or, “I read your blog. Did you know there’s a typo?”

Unfortunately, there will always be those kinds of people. Even though they’re right to a slight extent, they probably wouldn’t ever turn into your ideal kind of customer.

So, if you’ve got a piece of marketing you’ve been working on for a long time and you’re “only” 99% happy with it, I guarantee it’s going to benefit your business more if it’s actually out there. Putting your name front and centre, sharing your expertise, promoting a special offer, whatever. A piece of marketing ain’t gonna engage with anyone from the safety of your office.

You know what you’re doing

Now, I’d say about a third of the business owners we talk to are excellent marketers. They simply haven’t got the time to look after their marketing on a consistent basis.

You’ve heard me say this phrase a million times:

‘Consistent persistence’

It’s SO important. You can’t just turn your marketing on and off, doing it in dribs and drabs or whenever you can squeeze it in. To get into people’s psyche and stay there above all the other noise requires dedication.

It requires time. Whether that’s a leaflet you’ve been meaning to print, a Facebook Ad you’ve been meaning to launch or website changes you’ve been meaning to sign off.

You either need to pay an agency like us 😉 or allocate the time to take action and be cool with the fact that 99% is more effective than 110% that never sees the light of day.

Bite that bullet.

If you’re not sure where to start, or you simply don’t have the time, book a free 20-minute Discovery Call with myself or Joel. We’ll be happy to help get your marketing delivered.

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