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Is Your Advertising Driving People to the Wrong Place?

by | Jul 10, 2019

Every business needs to highlight what they’re good at and more importantly why people should choose them over their competitors. On-point advertising is the key, but if this is taking a potential customer to client to the wrong place, you’re not off to a great start.

If you’re not good at what you do, do you really want to draw people’s attention to it? Imagine getting into a taxi and the driver says that he passed his driving test on the 15th attempt… Let’s face it, you’re going to jump out or certainly not get into his cab again.

What logos are on your advertising?

We see this a lot in advertising at the moment. Businesses proudly displaying logos or links that take potential customers through to something that’s pretty awful.

“Find us on Facebook!” many adverts shout; So, you go onto Facebook and find a business page with no imagery, four ‘likes’ and a latest post that’s six weeks old…

Imagine being invited to the party of the decade, you turn up and it’s you, a few senior citizens and soft drinks only – you’d feel cheated, wouldn’t you?!

How does your Facebook page look?

We’d suggest not advertising on your Facebook page if it’s weak. You don’t have to have a Facebook page. There is more and more pressure to have one, sure, and many companies are benefiting from a stimulating and engaging page… but it will ONLY work if one person is given the responsibility of regularly researching and posting, QUALITY, RELEVANT content.

The same goes for Twitter. If you post once a month or less, don’t advertise the fact that you’re on Twitter. Sounds obvious but we see it all the time. OK, having social media icons on your marketing literature looks cool, but a business has to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Website health checks

Leading someone to a bad website is perhaps the worst sin of them all.

Some business owners design their own site using a free package or, the alarm bell-ringing “I have a mate who does a bit of web design”.

If you’ve pumped 100 hours into building your own website, you’ll naturally feel proud of it. It’s your baby and indeed it certainly is an achievement. But, it may be wise to ask a few other business owners – not friends – what they think. If the general opinion is negative, swallow your pride, and consider contacting a professional designer.

Until you’ve got a website to be proud of, steer clear of advertising the fact that you have one. It could turn someone from being ‘potentially interested’ to ‘no way’.

Staying on the website theme, if you have a blog, news page or events page, they need to be kept fresh too. If someone clicks onto your news page and the last piece of news is months old, again it’s a turn-off. They might think you don’t care. So, it probably would be better to not have a news page.

Even though there are plenty of advantages in having a number of solid online profiles, a business owner shouldn’t feel pressured into having something that won’t truly do their service justice.

The first step should always be dedicating a few minutes every week to keeping your pages up-to-date, vibrant and appealing to the right demographics. Then you can shout from the rooftops!

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