It’s All About You

by | Mar 19, 2020

Well kind of. Don’t get too big-headed.

What we’re really talking about is your About Page. Which makes it sound like it’s all about you, but really, it’s all about the customer.

I’ve said about too many times…

What’s the big deal?

When the customer is deciding who to spend their money with, especially if we’re looking at a local level, you and the people in your team are going to be crucial in turning that visitor into an actual enquiry.

Because when people look at a website, and any piece of marketing, all they’re thinking is “what’s in it for me”. We call it tuning into WIFM, what’s in it for me.

So, trust comes for sale. People like to buy people. If I’m going to give my money for some kind of service, who am I giving my money to?

We see quite a few local businesses that don’t even have an about page.

Which is mad. As I guarantee that after a home page, the most popular page on a website is likely to be the about page.

You know what that means…

Say cheese!

Time to get in front of the camera.

As long as you don’t look like a hardened criminal or anything, it’s showing the people behind the business that will make a difference.

So you could have a team biography, or if there’s a number of you, you can have individual bios that showcase your experience, why you do what you do, the kind of people you help, a fun fact about you, etc.

All the benefits of your team will start building a cold lead into someone who’s like, “wow, these guys look like people I can trust with my money, they’ll probably look after me”.

Don’t allow indecision

If you don’t have an about page, people might think well, who am I giving my money to? If they can’t find out about you, if they can’t find answers to the questions they may have, that will lead to indecision.

And we know when people are indecisive, they won’t actually buy. Indecision is a bad thing.

If you don’t have an About Page, maybe some people might also think well, what have they got to hide? Why should I give them my money?

So, show what you’re about! If you’ve got an established team, those are the kind of hooks that could work really well. The fact that Jenny has been with you for 20 years, or you have worked in different parts of the world, or your work has been featured in cool places, can really build up that trust and showcase your expertise, which is very hard to do if you don’t have an about page.

There’s lots more little things you can do to maximise the user journey on a website.

If you’d like to know more, hop on a Discovery Call with either myself or Joel.

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