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It’s Christmas! Merry Marketing, Everyone!

by | Dec 23, 2019

Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.

Of course Die Hard is a Christmas film! I don’t know why there’s so much debate about it!

Where has 2019 gone?! Time flies, especially when you’re 25, like me. This year has seen the official launch of Codebreak, helping UK small-to-medium sized businesses cut through the clutter. The guys behind award-winning design studio, Squeak, and marketing agency, Key 3 Media, combined forces to create Codebreak and it’s been one hell of a ride.

We have designed and built ten websites.

We have managed more than 60 social media accounts.

We have launched nearly 40 email campaigns.

We have run 500+ Facebook Ads.

We have held 13 social media training workshops.

And that’s not counting Codebreak’s main work – which is acting as a business’s outsourced marketing department or consulting for them.

We have also binned eight clients. Life’s too short to deal with rude people or those who don’t value and respect your time.

Business Marketing in 2019

Have you had a good year? What have been your main successes and challenges? Have you been shouting about the former and addressing the latter?

As we’re lovely and British, we don’t always want to talk about the stuff we’ve done well. But if your business has helped people, that makes for fantastic marketing. As long as you position it correctly, the right audience will sit up and take note. Only the wrong people (and your competitors) would take umbrage at your good news.

Share your case studies, promote your testimonials, ask for Google Reviews, regularly do PR…. Get in front of people consistently. There’s no point having a Ferrari if you keep it in the garage all the time. Remember that the worst number in marketing is one. You’ve written an insightful blog? Great. Don’t share it on LinkedIn just the once. Schedule it to go out a few times over the next year.

Marketing Challenges

And what about those challenges? We see a lot of business owners bury their heads in the sand when it comes to problems. Whether we like it or not, these should be dealt with head-on. As my old boss used to say, “Do it now, then you won’t have to do it later.”

Maybe it’s one of your marketing pillars. It just isn’t working like you want it to work. So stop, analyse, tweak or get rid. The ad copy might need adjusting, the channels you’re putting it on are wrong for your customer avatar, you may need to spend more budget…. There could be a host of reasons.

Holistic Marketing

But marketing should always be looked at holistically. What are all the links in the chain? For example, maybe a Facebook Ad isn’t working for you. You change the copy, you change the image, you up the budget… but still nothing. Could the problem actually be the product or service you’re pushing? No point you trying to flog a widget at the discounted price of a tenner when people can buy it on Amazon for a fiver. Or what if your ad is driving people to a landing page that is poorly constructed? No point getting a tonne of clicks but no conversions.

That word – holistically – is why we do what we do here at Codebreak. We don’t really want to do one piece of marketing for you. Because we know, chances are it would work better if we had total control, to be blunt. Get all the links in a pillar functioning properly, sure, but then have all the pillars working together. Website, ads, social media, blogs, PR… all working in harmony for the greater good, as they say in Sandford.

It’s about strategy, basically, as much as I hate that word. It seems like such a fluffy marketing term. But thinking about an individual piece of marketing here, another piece there, whenever you have ten minutes…. Your overall message simply won’t be working as effectively as it could for you.

Wow, deep stuff for a Christmas blog!

If you know any businesses who need a marketing strategy drawn out and/or implemented, feel free to send them our way 😀 They can book a free initial Discovery Call HERE.

Happy Christmas! Merry New Year! Wishing you a wonderful 2020.

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