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It’s on Like Donkey Kong With Guerrilla Marketing!

by | Jun 5, 2020

Marketing that brings its A Game is what we live for. The kind of marketing that makes you feel things, is memorable, is something you talk about.

This type of marketing isn’t just reserved for the John Lewis’ and Coca Colas of the world though. Hell no. Your business can achieve it too, through guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla what now?

What is it? How can it help your business?

You’ll have heard people talk about going viral. Guerrilla marketing is kind of the package around that. You can’t call it viral marketing because viral by its very nature is things that take off when they’re unexpected, whereas guerrilla marketing is an expected action.

Guerrilla marketing normally comes from smaller businesses, who haven’t quite got the money to compete with the big boys, but want to do something with impact. The term really comes from Guerrilla Warfare; small bands of unorganised people creating an awful lot of impact. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve with your marketing.

I’ve outlined below the main five elements of guerilla marketing and how they can help your business, so by the end of this, you’ll have a clear picture of the ideas you could implement for yourselves.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing is one element. You may have seen burger posters that make you think, “Bloody hell, that’s made me hungry” when you see it. Imagine, a wet floor sign under that, that when you get near it, it actually says in the small print “Wet floor, due to unintentional drooling”.

That would be ambient marketing. It’s that extra thing that makes you smile, makes you remember what’s going on.

Ambush Marketing

This is where you attend an event that you wouldn’t necessarily be expected to be at. Maybe your audience is there, but it’s not for your industry or maybe your audience isn’t there at all. However, the amount of PR and attention you’ll receive is as good as if your audience were there.

For example, you may have heard of the comedian Lee Nelson.

Each time he’s got a tour DVD coming out, he ambushes something. When the conservative party had their conference, he showed up with a P45 for Theresa May.

When FIFA had their conference, he threw a bribe at Sepp Blatter. He’s always thinking of things to do that are a little bit cheeky.

His examples are a bit extreme. Don’t go out there and do those, but things that can attract attention and put some numbers through your business without costing you anything. That’s ambush marketing.

Experiential Marketing

Another one is experiential marketing. This is where you give people a taste of what it’s like to work with you and I’ve seen an example of this myself.

When I travelled to Canada in Vancouver, Cushelle, the toilet roll company had taken over all the public restrooms.

Suddenly you went in and there was much nicer loo roll. There were much nicer sinks.

There were really nice deodorants and soaps. Some of them even had an attendant and so you created that association, that nice experience, with Cushelle.

Viral Marketing

We touched on this at the beginning. Viral marketing is where things kick off, without rhyme or reason. Remember the egg on Instagram? It’s now the most popular Instagram post ever, receiving more likes than any other post.

That would be an example of going viral. Strategists can help you go viral and foresee the kind of trends that would help, but the actual nature of going viral itself is impossible.

Unpredictable Marketing

If people in your industry are always doing things one way, you shouldn’t necessarily go down the same route.

Do you remember the tuna advert, where the bear fought back against the fisherman to get his tuna back? No one was really expecting a kung fu bear in that advert and certainly, I think in the mid 90s when the first version of that advert came out, nobody had done that in the food industry.

And do you remember the gorilla advert for Cadbury’s chocolate? Where he started playing the drums to Phil Collins? Again, nobody really expected that.

Now, they’re two high profile, expensive examples, but we know an accountant that launched their own beer. Nobody expects an accountant to do that. Didn’t really cost them all that much, but the attention it garnered and how it formed the journey of their marketing moving forwards is huge.

So, think about what you can do for your business around that unexpected point.

It’s donkey kong time!

Often SME’s have tight budgets and tight timeframes because they’ve got less people to work on these campaigns, but if you can implement some of this guerrilla marketing, you’ll find you can have a lot of impact and create a lot of attention.

I’ve seen businesses do this at conferences, where they’ve swept the floor with the attention of the conference, even though you’ve seen much much bigger businesses there.

So, have a think about what you could do. Have a think about how you could use each of those stages that I’ve listed and if you’d like to know more, book a Discovery Call with myself or Andy.

We’d love to chat guerrilla marketing *beats chest*

All right, take care everyone and stay safe.

Codebreak Marketing Assistant Emily

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